Diarrhea…good or bad karma

ToiletTelling the origins of the [tag]Yakult[/tag] [tag]bacteria[/tag] and the reactions I get from my classmates always keeps me up. Drinking something that is full of bacteria that was first found in the poop of an infant has some amusing effects on the facial expressions of the weak-stomached. It is not strange really because many strains or kinds bacteria have been living inside our guts ever since our early evolution. Scientists are even saying that we may not be able to survive without them inside our bodies. It’s a symbiotic relationship, both parties are benefitting from each other.

However, I cannot help but think that the President recently suffering from [tag]diarrhea[/tag] is caused by [tag]karma[/tag]. Bad karma. The Filipino saying goes, “Makakarma ka din.” has taken effect. Why karma? [tag]Impeachment[/tag], rebellion, mass protests, all things she fought in a dirty downright dastardly way last year has now come back to haunt her, plus that “bum stomach.” The second round of the impeachment or round two, which the opposition has prepared for quite extensibly has begun, her all-out war policy against the “left” which pundits says is her last card in the poker game that is Philippine [tag]politics[/tag]. So the what’s the solution? Good karma, and being the desperately God-fearing Filipino that she is, the President visits the Pope in Rome bearing gifts…as offerings for blessings and protection? To ward off the calling of ‘Mang Doro’?

If there’s one person who needs protection, aside the President herself – from the threat of being impeached and booted out of her seat in Malacañang to end up in the gleaming porcelain ‘thinking chair’ – that other person is Pope Benedict XVI. Recall that before the late Pope John Paul II died, he was paid a visit by Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo clad in a black dress with a matching veil as if she has just arrived or came to early as it turned out, to a funeral.

Pope John Paul II wasn’t the only public figure who has passed away shortly after encountering Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. Fernando Poe, Jr. Raul Roco and former PCGG chair Haydee Yorac just to name a few. All like Pope John Paul II, were good men and woman of out time. So is the President suffering from bad karma or is she the bad karma?

PinoyBlog Carnival – Isulong seoph edition

Welcome to the third edition of the PinoyBlog Carnival! Hosted by yours truly, jhay the Pinoy Explorer. 😀

IsulongseophflagIt’s almost been a month since the much coveted Isulong seoph contest was launched by SEO Philippines and thus far, it has been among hottest craze in the Pinoy blogosphere and it how shouldn’t be? With over a whopping P130, 000 pesos in prizes, Pinoy bloggers wanting to take a shot at it have went to full gear and have come up and tried almost anything and everything to improve their chances of landing the number 1 spot in the Google.com.ph search for the key words: “Isulong seoph”

So, in support of this great project and of the contestants, this third edition of the PinoyBlog Carnival is all about Isulong seoph.

Only three Pinoy bloggers who have entered the contest have submitted their entry pages to become part of this Isulong seoph edition of the PinoyBlog Carnival. So without further adeu let’s kick off this PinoyBlog Carnival right now.

Noel’s isulong seoph lays down in layman’s terms what this Isulong seoph contest is all about. It’s benefits and beneficiaries and its overall impact on the future of the IT, internet, [tag]blogging[/tag] and [tag]search engine marketing[/tag] and [tag]optimization[t/ag] industries.

In fact, its positive and productive benefits can already be felt today. One such Pinay blogger who has indeed benefited from the Isulong seoph contest is Junelle Caravana who testifies that SEO newbies and alike has learned a lot about seo techniques and strategies. Though it may be a tall order, Junelles says just seeing her page land in the number 1 page of Google for Isulong seoph is enough to make her very happy. Aside from the contestants, other Pinoy bloggers who did not joined I’m sure has also learned a thing or two about seo tricks and techniques especially when they actively supported their [tag]blogging[/tag] friends who have joined the contest.

Kudos to the organizers of the contest for once again, they have brought the Pilipino blogging community much closer together; in competition and cooperation.

Lastly, and for a little dose of fun, major who shouted Isulong seoph has come up with good ways on how not to win the Isulong seoph contest. So if you’re tired of typing Isulong seoph in your blog or somewhere else, you might just have to follow some or all of major’s advice. If not, then go on and press harder, aim for number one and shout “[tag]Isulong seoph[/tag]!”

This is it for this edition of the [tag]PinoyBlog Carnival[/tag], thank you for reading, do visit the participants and see you all again at the next edition. Many thanks and Isulong Pinoy Blogging!

Welcome to my new home

Welcome! Welcome! I’m so glad you were able to visit my new home in the world wide web. The past few days on inactivity and jerkiness in my blog was the result of going under the hood, doing some housekeeping and actually moving in to a new home, in a manner of speaking. After two days of messing and fumbling around my old site’s MySQL database, nagging Sir Angelo via e-mail for troubleshooting tips, and after 3 reinstalls of [tag]WordPress[/tag] in my new server…
Here it is, a new spankin’ Pinoy-blooded [tag].com.ph[/tag] domain, and a new webhost to boot. From my previous blog, The Four-eyed Journal, comes Pinoy Explorer.


Feels like I just started [tag[blogging[/tag] all over again. Some may be wondering why the sudden change? Why the big change? Where’s the Four-eyed Journal?
Worry not, I’ll tell you a little story that took place some time in April 2006. While going through my RSS subscriptions, I saw this one post title that really got my attention; “Get your own .com.ph domain for free.”

Say what?! I clicked the link to read the full entry and I was blown away, problogger Sir Angelo Racoma of racoma.com.ph is giving away free .com.ph domains plus a cool webhosting account from ploghost.com also for free. I said to my self, “I have got to get this free .com.ph domain.” So I contacted Sir Angelo, made e-mail inquiries and sent some stats of my previous blog and hoped that I’ll meet the qualifications stated in the conditions of the free offer.
After anxiously waiting for a few days, I got the e-mail response and hallelujah! I qualified! Alas, one of my dreams finally came true, because from the very start I’ve always wanted
a .ph or .net.ph or any domain that had .ph at the end. Para sa domain name pa lang, Pilipinong-Pilipino na ang dating. 😀

I may sound cheesy or baduy or even a suck-up to Sir Angelo but heck, carrying the .ph at the end of your domain adds that extra ring to it. Still, some my ask “Why .com.ph?” I just say ‘Why not?’

So here I am, writing my very first post in my revitalized and repackaged blog the Pinoy Explorer.

I dropped the geeky and ambiguous blog title of “The Four-eyed Journal” for a clearer (and more seo-friendly) title of the ‘Pinoy Explorer.’ It clearly defines myself as a student of biology, technology and life; and the purpose of this blog, to share to you my explorations and even experiments about technology, biology, the [tag]internet[/tag], human health, even politics and a few other topics that tickle my fancy. I am going to share it in such a way that everytime you come to visit, you’d most likely to walk away with something that is worth your while.

So do come back as I have a lot of good things in store for all of you. Till the next post, happy web surfing.

Quick health & tech news

MindSuffering from another case of [tag]writer’s block[/tag], growing schoolworks and a terrible headache again, so I’ll just be serving you some quick links to some web and blog tid bits and delights I found from my RSS subscriptions.

[tag]Health[/tag] and [tag]technology[/tag]

Successful Transplantation From Pig Embryos To Mice from ScienceDaily. It’s a good news for Diabetics out there. Your days of daily insulin shots, fearing blindness, amputation and other complications are now numbered as a new research has succeded in using pig embryo tissues transplanted in mice to grow insulin-producing tissues in the pancreas of mice with diabetic-like conditions. The research paves the way for pre-clinical trials that will improve this procedure so that it could be used to treat human patients afflicted with [tag]diabetes[/tag].

Mosquitos are now a step closer to help fight Malaria. Yes, you read it right, a study has discovered some Mosquito genes that help the insect fight off the Plasmodium parasite that causes the deadly [tag]malaria[/tag] disease in humans. Throw in some genetic engineering and in the future, we may have mosquitos that are actually helping in the eradication or controll of this age-old human killer.

Paranoid over your [tag]Internet security[/tag]? Well, It’s time to update your Internet security arsenal. It’s a nice article from pcworld.com, plus some 20 Great Utilities you could download for FREE to improve your pc’s performance.

Jong has finally had his share of [tag]blogging[/tag] stardom as he was interviewed by berlin of seoluv. Congrats Jong! Big time ka na, hahaha

Stretch your ethical stands:

A British Cardinal urges that the British Parliament amend its present abortion laws to make the legislation more up-to-date. From a limit of 24 weeks, Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O’Connor suggests. To better undestand the [tag]Bristish Abortion Law[/tag], here’s a quick and easy Q & A link.

[tag]Abortion[/tag]: right or wrong? Share your thoughts.

Reming reminds me of the lessons I learned from Milenyo

Among the things that worries me is the coming super typhoon ‘Reming’. Over at dinner, I saw the news report saying that it will no longer directly hit Metro Manila due to a high pressure system which has pushed the typhoon more to the West. As of this writing, storm signal No. 2 is raised over here in our province of Cavite and already, though it’s not yet raining and the winds still calm, we are beginning to feel the creeping wrath of Reming. It’s that cold and eerie silence before the storm.

Pray that everyone in the storm’s path would be spared their lives and most of their vital properties. Selfish as I may sound, what really worries me is that Reming might cause massive power blockouts in our area that would last for days as Milenyo did back in September.

Sir Abe has written a thing or two about how we, the Pinoy netizens could and would last in those dark days without electricity powering our tech toys and essentials.

As my comment on that post goes:

I may be tech savvy but I’m not that tech-equipped. Just my AAA battery powered-mp3 player, my mobile phone and my desktops. (No laptops for me, nor wireless routers, nor iPods not even a 3G phone I could use to go online. Just your average Pinoy techie, lucky enough to get a broadband connection, a Mac mini and an Ubuntu Desktop.)

So I guess I’ll just occupy my self with my offline schoolworks, both academic and non-academic. Of course, there’s the three new books I bought from last weekend.

Why am I so worried about power blockouts and the inability to go online? It’s because I need my computer and the connection to accomplish my homeworks, extra-curricular stuff and the tools (read:paperworks) that would enable me to rewrite the history of DLSU-D. I could answer my e-mails when the power goes up again, I could survive without YouTube and my Google Reader for days, I have even learned not to blog when I have nothing good to blog about. The bottom line is, Milenyo has taught me to rethink my e-life – it’s purpose, what it should serve, what and whom it will affect – think more of the other lives around me, especially those who would rather spend their money to have their decent meal instead of spending it on gadgets and shameless self-promotion.

I take back what I’ve said a few months back, that I’ll die without the internet. That I’ll go insane without my mp3 player and I’ll jump off a cliff once I can’t access my e-mail. Now I’m thinking, how could I say such things when many others out there only have a candle to light their shanties that threatens to be blown away by a storm. The only thing that protects them while they huddle in the cold just to stay alive.

I don’t mean to poke the elites of the Pinoy blogosphere in the eye, I don’t mean to offend the tech-savvy and the tech-equipped. This is just me putting my thoughts into words. As I hit the publish button, the rains from Reming are now falling over here in Cavite. The prayers, preparations and the waiting for all this to pass comes into play.