Are LED Lights Bad for Your Health?

Now a day the number of using LED light are increasing in our home and office. As it is cheap in price and lasting for long times, it becomes more popular day by day. Furthermore, it gives more light than others. Is this LED light are good for our health? Most of the people suggested, this type of light may causes harm of our eye. Is it right? Here in this article, I am going to discuss on some harmful effect of using LED light.

1. LED light or light-emitting diode is made by the component of aluminum gallium arsenide

which is more toxic and very dangerous for human’s health. No more report was published on this topic, but when this toxic substance was applied on different animals, they showed a dangerous effect. If this toxic substance continuously exposed in animal body, the kidney and lung showed sever degeneration in their structure. It also may causes problem during pregnancy and parturition. So, please be careful to use LED light. After setting the light on your home or office, you should wash your hand immediately with soap or hand wash. 

2. Is it creating any problem in eye?

Yeah, there is no doubt that LED could play a major roll to create problem in eye. But this problem did not create for one day. If the light exposed to eye directly for long time, then the working ability of retinae will decrease. It is quite impossible to get in back in normal condition, if the retinal cell is damaged once. So, there may create problem in vision. Please be aware from direct exposer of LED light to your eye for long time. 

In some of research showed that, one kind of blue ray are illumined from this type of light which is very harmful for your eye.  The scientist suggested using filter paper on LED light. If we use this filter paper then the blue ray will not hamper our eye directly. It will reduce the rate of damage of eye. 

It is told that, human eye remain open for six thousand hours. If anyone exposes this blue ray from LED light for this time, then the rate of damage will increase significantly. 

3. Is all LED light are harmful for us? 

The LED light who eliminate less amount of blue ray; those LED lights are not more harmful for human. But it is quite impossible to understand for the general people where light eliminate blue ray or where does not. But for this, there are some easy ways how one could get benefit and able to understand which LED is good and which is not. For an example, just notice on the level ‘CRI’ and number. If you found CRI 97, then you will surly buy it. 

One more subject to be checked and that is color temperature. The LED light which has lower color temperature (2700 degree kenvin or lower), they creates less harm on your eye. 

4. Keep save yourself from LED light

The sunlight never entered and always need to lighten by artificial light in some of our home and office.  In such places, we need to avoid using LED light.  The sunlight helps to reduce the harmful effects of LED lights. 

So, your home should be exposed to the sunlight to reduce the action of LED light. In night time, you should use the LED light for less time in your home. If you try this, then the harmful effect will decrease. More you use LED light, less production of melatonin will found in our body and thus eye and health condition will fall in danger. 

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