Quick Solutions to the Most Common PC Problems

There are many reasons as to why PC can get sick, but many people don’t know how to identify these symptoms, but they will always complain about their computer doing this and doing that. Many people have been going to technicians to help them fixing one problem, but when they come back, the PC develops another problem that they don’t know where to begin from.

There are some problems in your PC that are complex that you don’t know where to begin from as others are just as result of a simple mistake that you do or just as a result of disruption that occurs when you are using the PC. There are symptoms that come as result of the sickness that is on the PC; these symptoms can include errors during booting of the computer, window crashing every time, long time that it takes to move from one website to another.

These symptoms can be detected only if you are familiar with your PC and it is not hard to detect them. For instance, if you are using your PC and you notice some glitches which may be as a result of poor maintenance that you give your PC or as a result of hardware errors that occur, but you don’t care. It is costly and time wasting for you to each time calling a computer technician to help you fix this simple problem for you as you are able to fix them easily on your own. Follow steps below;

Clean up the hard drive

It is of importance that you start by cleaning those files that are not important on the PC. This pile of the unwanted file does bloat your computer so in order to fix this problem delete any file that has little or no importance to you or the computer. The computer should regularly be maintained so that this kind of file can be noticed and deleted completely. Without this, they can grow to a large file that will bring a problem to your PC. The following are common unwanted files that can affect your PC and how they can stick on your PC and how you can clean them from your PC one by one.

Duplicate files

Duplication of files do usually come when storing of one file or another, so this may happen accidentally due to some technical errors or may happen when you keep them as a backup file. Which sometimes you may not need them. The computer usually detects this duplicate files and do give you an opportunity to delete them. Then delete them from your PC, and your computer will have no problem.

Deleted files

When you delete a file from your computer, don’t think that the file is erased completely from the system, no they are again going to be saved in the recycle bin that is on your computer. Then if you sit back thinking that the problem is gone, then you are wrong. Go to the recycle bin and delete it again to ensure that the file is completely erased from the computer system.

Defragment the hard drive

When your computer hard drive is disorganized, then every data that comes into it is stored anywhere. This gives it a hard time to locate the file or information that is within the computer. So you need to organize the hard drive that makes it easy for you to retrieve information or file easily. If you do this, you will improve the efficiency to retrieve files.

Clean up the registry

When your computer gets lost, and you don’t know what went wrong this may be as a result of shortcuts, moving, delete or link files. This may cause a problem to the registry that may make your computer to get lost. You can clean your registry yourself by cleaning tools that are found on your PC.

Defragment the registry

This defragmenting process clear and organize your registry that enables your pc to conserve memory and increase speed.

Be your own PC doctor

You alone can fix this problem you don’t need any technician to do it for you, as this process of doing this thing are easy to follow.