The Easiest Way to Recover Deleted iPhone Contacts without Backup

In addition to the iPhone dominating the market share, some people commonly make mistakes on their device. Perhaps, they deleted all of the contacts out of their phone. Therefore, many of them fear that it remains impossible to retrieve such data. Moreover, they feel as though it would take a long time for their phone carrier to retrieve the data. In particular, business owners feel as though they cannot afford the wait. This remains understandable. However, nothing remains further from the truth. 

With the iPhone being arguably the most innovative brand of phones around, it remains safe to say that consumers have numerous solutions to retrieve their lost information. Fortunately, Apple boasts an excellent staff that takes such things into consideration. Moreover, the loss of data remains attributed to numerous factors. To name a few, these include resetting the device to factory settings, deleting data by mistake, “jailbreaking” an iPhone, physical damage to the phone, failure to update the phone, and so forth. 

Although a consumer may stumble into such a situation, the solution remains right around the corner. With that being said, consumers should consider using the iOS Data Recovery program. For those unaware, it remains relatively easy to use. Moreover, most consumers report success with using the program. Regardless of whether they backup their data on iTunes or not, the recovery app has them covered. Moreover, they can use it on the multiple installments of the iPhone device. 

Step 1

Upon downloading and installing the recovery program, consumers should start the program and connect their iPhone to a computer. Moreover, they should preferably use the Mac version of the program. Therefore, they may need to have a Mac. However, the program remains compatible with a Microsoft Windows PC. 

Moreover, they will need to download and install the Windows version. Furthermore, iPhone owners will need to install iTunes if they did not previously install it. For those unaware, the program offers three recovery modes that address different needs. As a result, these include recovering data directly from the iOS, recovery from iTunes backup data, and recovery from iCloud backup. 

Step 2

After satisfying the requirements stated in step 1, iPhone owners should begin analyzing and scanning their iPhone device. Upon selecting the “recover from iOS device” mode, it should analyze the device immediately. Moreover, it should thoroughly scan the iPhone’s internal memory, cache space, and so forth. Furthermore, the entire process should last for a few minutes. Moreover, it depends on the entire data size. Therefore, patience remains a virtue. Upon initializing the recovery mode, consumers should expect their iPhones to remain completely scanned. As a result, it will tell the owners about its findings. 

Step 3

Upon satisfying the requirements in step 3, iPhone owners should preview their scanned data and use discretion regarding the recovery process. Fortunately, the recovery software allows iPhone owners the ability to preview each and every scan. Moreover, it allows them the ability to view their contacts directly and select the ones that they need directly. Upon the completion of a scan, iPhone owners should click their desired contacts and press the “Recover” button to initiate the recovery process. If iPhone owners possess numerous contacts to scan, they should utilize the search feature. Doing so would allow them to directly find their specified contacts. In a nutshell, they will save a substantial amount of time. 

In closing, the iPhone recovery app remains designed for iPhone owners who wish to retrieve deleted information such as their contacts. Moreover, it remains backed by industry leaders with years of experience. 

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