How to Securely Wipe Sensitive Files

Mac Shredder applications that will securely erase your file and wipe your drives. You may be under the impression that if you erase your data, or files, from your computer it has been removed and deleted permanently. This could not be farther from the truth because unless you use a Mac Shredder Applicatuon to wipe your files completely, there is no garuntee they are unrecoverable. A person who has superb computer knowledge will easily be able to retrieve your information with just a few simple tricks of his or her trade. So If you want to make sure your personal information is erased forever you need to invest in an eraser application. Below you will find additional information on Mac Shredder Applications and eraser applications 


If you are wondering why you would need to invest In a Mac Shredder and what you would use it for, the answer is simple. You want to feel secure in knowing that your data is truly deleted. When you delete a file from an external hard disk drive, the file is not a actually removed permanently. It is still there in your computer somewhere hidden away. This is where a Mac shredder, or eraser application would come in handy. You can find your deleted information by using a Mac data recovery program. To make your file completely non recoverable you can flush your laptop down the toilet ( that was a joke ), or you can (a) keep saving new things to that drive or (b) use a third-party application to do so automatically. You should just keep in mind that those options are extremely time-consuming. And they are not one hundred percent secure because nobody knows whether or not the information contained in that file is being used or not being used. This is the reason why you would want to use a map shredder. 


If you want the security of knowing that your files have been deleted permanently we suggest these three applications for you. The first application is called Steller Wipe . It is a utility design for permanently wiping sensitive data from the hard drive. The pros are that it does offers two powerful Wipe options but one of the cons would be that it is time-consuming. 

The second application option is called Clean my Mac Shredder. It’s primarily designed to deep clean your Mac and make it run faster. The pros are that the shredder utility application erases files quickly and it is easy to use. One con would be that it is not able to wipe and entire hard drive. The third suggestion would be called a Mac Booster File Eraser . This is an incredible Mac system that includes several different Mac applications that will help you out with multiple tasks. The pros are it contains a number of other useful Mac utilities and that it’s quick and easy but the cons are that it doesn’t provide Multiple choices for wiping the algorithms. Bottom line, you need to protect your information at all times. It is very important to your use to that you make sure your personal information is deleted permanently. 

The three great Mac applications that we have suggested to you are great ways to ease your mind and know that your information has been deleted for good. You never know who’s hands your old laptop will end up in. All the personal information you would not want anyone to read, you want to make sure that it is gone for good. Clean My Mac Shredder, Mac Booster, and Steller Wipe are all excellent applications anybody could use to quickly and permanently remove your files or wipe your drive clean. I hope you found this information helpful.