Writer’s block + dilemmas

(A little note: The post will start off with my personal dilemas and would probably end up with me ranting on how my life is being screwed up by a bad case of writer’s block. Regular tech, health and political posts will resume afterwards.)

Isn’t strange? It’s weekend and my blog hardly contains any new posts. The culprit; writer’s block. A very bad case of writer’s block. With such impeccable timing, tomorrow will be the start of a new week, and the mid-terms period for the 1st semester. With it I have the following things to do or accomplish:

1. Write an article about GMA’s SONA for the ‘Lasalyanong Saloobin’ – the Lasallian Community Development Center’s monthly newsletter. This is due for tomorrow.

2. Finish the one year plan of program for the Advocacy & Services Committee of the Lasallian SERVE volunteers which, technically I am now in charge of since our committee leader decided to quit and hand over the committee to me. This is still unofficial though for I’m still awaiting news from the top. Anyways, I can still relax since there is no real deadline for submitting the plan of program, yet.

3. Finish the paperworks for the launching of Sining Bayan’s five-year plan focused on fixing organizational problems, training and education of the members and securing the theater organization’s financial footing. Again I can still relax a bit for this is due not until next weekend.

4. Finalize my relationship with the Silang Parish Youth Ministry. Once I settle this, I can finally map out my personal calendar of activities with confidence and security. Up to now, I don’t know whether I’m still part of the core group or not or whether I’m part of the ‘board of consultants’ or ‘advisers’. I’m quite confused really. I used to be the chairperson of the Ministry’s Education & Training Committee but ever since our little revolution to change the Ministry’s leadership and success of it, I’ve grown tired and unintrested in getting involved with the Ministry. Alam ko namang mangingialam ang mga manang at manong sa simbahan kaya magkakandaletse-letse na naman ang mga buhay at plano namin para sa mga kabataan ng aming parokya, kaya ayaw ko na muna.

I know that the elders would once more meddle in our affairs and screw up our plans so before it happens again I’m bolting out, I’m just simply tired of wrestling with the jurassic generation of church people in our parish, who refuse to wake up and realise that their time has ended and now it’s our turn to run things in the church. It’s the old refusing to give way to the new. Though I enjoyed this kind of struggle in the past, I seem to have lost interest in it for now. God help me. God help us the youth.

That’s my offline work or tasks to do cut out for me, at least the ones that I do remember. I can’t find my all-purpose notebook where I’ve written down the rest of it all. It will turn out soon enough.

As for my online work (internet-related) it’s equally messy and in disarray. My old blog is down because I’m behind in the payments for the hosting. I can’t settle the bill just yet because my money is still stuck inside the check from Text-Link-Ads which finally arrived last Thursday. It’s the very first check from the advertising programs I use on my blogs, TLA in this case and I must admit that it does put quite a smile on one’s face upon seeing the amount. But that is all. Honestly, I have no idea of what to do with it or how to convert it into cash. I guess I’ll just ask the Pinoy probloggers for advice and help with this TLA check of mine.

With my old blog down, the site of the Philippine Blog Carnival is also down, along with the LSJP’s website and Sir Yuri’s blog. That’s why I’m not making announcements or plans for the next edition of the Philippine Blog Carnival just yet, or maybe I’ll just host it here in my new .com.ph blog.

It will keep the project alive and help my new blog develop in terms of traffic and popularity. Unless otherwise another Pinoy blogger volunteers to help me out with getting the Philippine Blog Carnival up and going again. So I’m open for suggestions and feedback even partnerships to get this project kicking again.

What else have I forgotten? Is it just my dilemmas that I’m going to share with you in this post? I hope not. Oh wait, now I remember, I also have to prepare for my first teaching class for tomorrow at the Dasmariñas Jail. Finally, I would get to meet my students and start the lessons. I just hope the wheather cooperates with us tomorrow. I’m still quite excited to get started. Maybe I’ll just spend the rest of this Sunday preparing for my class tomorrow since it is the only task that has favored my full enthusiasm and excitement. It could even help me to overcome this cursed writer’s block that has afflicted me since late Friday.

Oh well…this is life. Sh*t does happen and though it is dark and cloudy outside my bedroom window, I’m still confident that the sun would shine bright in the following days. Cheers everyone!

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