WP 2.7 and compatible plugins I use

Took another risk yesterday as I quickly downloaded and upgraded all my blogs to the latest version of WordPress 2.7 without even checking if any of the plugins I use where compatible or not with WP 2.7.

Much to my delight and relief, I was surprised to find out that all of the plugins I currently use works fine with WordPress 2.7. No hickups or bugs have surfaced both inside the spankin’ new Dashboard and on the front end of my blog.

This is the second time all my plugins worked “out-of-the-box” with the newest major release of WordPress and I’ve been thankful because of it. The horrors and headaches of plugins falling on its ass and messing up my blog is something I don’t want to experience any more.

That’s why it has become my habit of checking the plugins compatibility list for every major version of WordPress that is about to be released. Research and making backups and backups of my blog’s database, plugins and theme files have also become part of the routine in preparation for an upgrade to the latest versions of WordPress.

I’m sure though, almost every blogger is now familiar with this good habit. So without no more delays, I share the list of plugins currently in use on this blog that’s working fine with WordPress 2.7

It’s quite a list and I’m sure most of you fellow bloggers also use one or a couple of the same plugins. If you do, now you can rest easy knowing that these plugins are compatible with WordPress 2.7.

Be warned though that I’ve not tested these plugins extensively with WP 2.7 because I’m neither a plugin or WP developer, just your average blogger here who braved to use these plugins right away with WP 2.7

Visit the plugins respective home pages for updates or bugs in relation to WP 2.7 and if I run into any troubles with them, I’ll be sure to blog and report about it to the plugin author.

Until then, happy blogging with WordPress 2.7!

7 Replies to “WP 2.7 and compatible plugins I use”

  1. So you also jumped in right away huh? I know we always say we'll give it a week and wait for all the bugs to be fixed but in this case, its hard to resist right? Well even though I didn't wait that long, I did make sure that all my plugins were compatible and that my theme would also work with 2.7. Oh yeah, I also installed it on my sandbox first before I installed it on my blog. 🙂

    Love the new dashboard, the comment moderation and all the other neat features. 😀

  2. I'm new to wordpress and your list seems a good start for my first project, thanks!

    Where can i get the Google Adsense widget 1.0 please?

    1. I checked the author's website and it seems that he no longer supports the plugin.

      If you like, I could email the zip file because this plugin is quite old.

  3. ok.. thanks i fund that but its only a single file, seems not to confirm with 2.7 plugin standard. I'll be looking for an updated, simple plugin to do this job.

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