Would you replace your computer with an iPad Pro?

Tech pundits are saying the ‘cat is out of the bag’ as Apple has put out an ad positioning the iPad Pro as a computer:

Forget about notebook PCs and how Windows 10 is making up for the bad things about Windows 8, forget about the MacBook, just imagine,as the ad says, what you can do with the iPad Pro?

With a slowdown in iPad sales this move by Apple isn’t so radical:

iPad sales continued their slow and steady decline. Sales of the tablet were just a hair under ten million for the quarter, which is a drop of 9% year-over-year. Revenue was $4.9 billion, which is up 7%. A year ago, the average selling price of the iPad was $415, but this quarter, average selling price for the iPad rose $85 to $490. Declining sales of the iPad Mini, as well as new sales of the higher priced iPad Pro are certainly the case, but Apple doesn’t break out the numbers for individual models to know just how much each was a factor.

How Samsung and other tablet makers would respond to this push by Apple would be very interesting.

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