WordPress 2.2 Delayed: Removed tagging support

In a surprising turn of events, the much awaited release of WordPress 2.2 has been delayed to sometime between the 30th of April or the 7th of May.

What gives? They removed the much-talked about tagging support and decided to hold it back until WordPress 2.3 comes out. Looks like every blogger who uses tagging on their blogs as well as tagging plugin creators and developers have been given a breather.

The details has can be seen over at wp-hacks where Matt Mulenweg said:

Let’s create a 2.2 branch and start removing the current tagging
implementation. I’ll announce on my blog that 2.2 will be delayed.

Based on how long it takes to extract and test a tag-free 2.2 we’ll aim
for either the 30th or May 7th best case, depending on how many people
help out with the process. Ryan will also look at bringing back widgets
as an easy, tested, and already-popular feature that will sex up the

I think trunk should start experimenting with the new taxonomy proposal
on the list, which has the potential to do some really neat things, but
I think it’s also going to introduce a lot of complexity and need
testing beyond the window for 2.2. Pushing it to 2.3 will allow it more
breathing room and for us not to rush a pretty critical building block
of WP going forward.

I think this is a good thing and a brilliant move for the WP team, the more time they will have, the better code they will produce. It would even be better if they share a beta or alpha or work directly with tagging plugin creators to work on fine-tuning tagging as a core part of WordPress 2.3 Let’s note that Christine D, creator of the famous and lovable UTW plugin has said that a new upgrade that will be compatible with WP 2.2 will be released soon. I wonder is she will push through with it now that tagging has been removed in WP 2.2?

Instead, the WordPress team will focus work on the making sidebar widgets an additional core function in WP 2.2

Maybe this would be the answer to the problems I’m only revealing today, I’m not using sidebar widgets because for some strange reason, it doesn’t work perfectly on my install of WP. Hope WP 2.2 will be the answer.

In other news, do keep an eye out for Froodee.com, we have something in store for all of you.

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