Woot! Tagged for the very first time

First day of returning to school and catching up to what I’ve missed and surprisingly the catching up I did today didn’t quite matched what I’d expected for today. Honestly, I expected the worst like from my academic side; mounds of reaction papers to write, missed homeworks to submit, quizzes to retake and tons of materials to read. For my non-academic or extra-curricular; committee meeting reports to be filed, new volunteers to orient, planning for the months to come but almost non of it all I encountered today.

Life just went on like usual. The sun was up, though partly covered by the skies bringing the constant threat of rain, classes went on, old friends and classmates welcomed with a little more excitement thanks to the extended weekend break just past. I have finally come to conlcude that I really didn’t missed that much.

Come to think of it, how could’ve I? My illness started last Wednesday which was the middle of examinations week so ergo there were no classes. The extension of the weekend break thanks to the classes being suspended last Monday and Tuesday yesterday and even coincided with my planned return to school. As if the wheather waited for to get well before it decided to finally go away for clear and sunny days to come. Hinintay ata ako gumaling bago humupa ang bagyo at ibalik ang mga klase.

All the same, I’m glad things turned out to be like this. Otherwise I wouldn’t be here a bit relaxed and merrily blogging away but instead deep into getting the schoolworks done and done fast, then reviewing for the coming exams and quizzes I will be taking. Bait talaga ni Lord!

‘Like a virgin, tagged for the very first time’

I’ve seen bloggers tagged by meme chains by other bloggers and I’ve followed some of them knowing that each blogger would be as unique like no other before. It sure looked like fun and I wondered how come no one has tagged me before? Growing out of immature reasons I just settled for the notion that other bloggers might have thought of my blog as too ‘serious’ or ‘geeky’ to be tagged or to participate in such blogging activities or that not too many bloggers knows about my blog or about my self. Besides, it’s alright for me thinking that my geekiness might just ruin the fun flow of it already so I settled with not being tagged at all.

This has changed today as for the very first time, I was tagged by Eric to answer the ‘6 Weird Things About Myself‘ tag and I’m quite honored and excited by it. Woot!!!

So without no more delays here are my answers:

1. Whenever the night is too cold, I wear socks insides-out to keep my feet warm. I don’t about you, but I find socks are more comfortable to wear when they’re worn insides-out. Try it.

2. I dip my fries into the sundae or McFlurry instead of ketchup. I know this is now common but people still find it weird.

3. On average, I burp alteast 5 times before meals (lunch, dinner, snacks) and it’s an indication I’m hungry.

4. My course of study is BS Biology, but right now I’m more interested about politics, society and the internet.

5. I always talk to my self, in whisper, out loud, whenever I’m thinking about something, writing, making decisions or just playing with my imagination.

6. Reads the Webster’s Dictionary whenever I use the toilet. (My thinking chair 😉

There, these are few weird things about my self that I could think of right now. Thank you Eric for the tag and so in turn I tag the following bloggers:

1. Rob of Erase and Rewind
2. Elle of fishyfishbone
3. Empress of Drac
4. Jigs of Harsh Poetic Chaos
5. Bulitas of Bulitas sa Ilong
6. Kars of Breathing Space

The rules are simple, create a post describing the 6 weird things about yourself. Choose the next 6 bloggers who will do the same and carry on this little tagging game. Enjoy!

Woot! My very own free copy of the Liberal Chronicles has just arrived via mail just before dinner time, you could also get your own free copy here. Many thanks to the Friedrich Naumann Stiftung more about the book later on.

7 Replies to “Woot! Tagged for the very first time”

  1. My pleasure, Jhay, although I was reluctant to tag you at first because of your heavy workload in school, but now glad I did.

    Your No. 2 is weird but I'll try it (for fun).

    But No.5, not so. I found out from reading "The American Ceasar," that the late General Douglas MacArthur did just that, especially when dealing with excruciating decisions. He would lock himself in his study (at Manila Hotel) and carry on as if in conversation with another soul or souls present in the room. This is a practice espoused even by Carl Jung. I tried it, and have been doing it until now, especially at times when confronted with troubling dilemmas.


  2. Hi Jhay, Long time no "read". That's great news. Sikat ka na talaga, 'di na kita ma-reach. Seriously, nice to have bloggers like you. Keep blogging my friend.

  3. @ eric: McArthur talked to himself? Cool! Though I never saw this in the film about his life which starred the late great actor Gregory Peck. Thanks for the trivia and the tag.

    Still, people find it weird whenever I talk to myself. It's a habit I guess, but it has always worked for me during tight spots.

    @ The artist: Thanks for the compliments, and I envy you for your talent in painting. Wished I could paint and draw like you do. 🙂

    @ Schumey: Tama na, lumalaki na ulo ko, hekhekhek pero hindi naman, kokonti nga bumibisita sa blog ko, kokonti din ang nagcocomment. Hay..hirap talaga magbuild-up ng bagong blog. Pero exciting naman, hehehe

    @ RennyBA: Thanks, I was always reluctant to share more personal info about me in this blog, I was thinking that 'who would be interested in me?' but then again, maybe I'll share a few more truths every now and then.

    @ cheH: Maybe we should. I my self find it weird that I burp a lot before eating and whenever I'm hungry. Then again it's the same when I had my meal, I'm just a burping machine I guess. (Sorry for being gross guys and gals) I'm thankful though my gas comes out the front door instead of the back. 😉

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