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Woot! Just ordered a Linux T-shirt!

One of the coolest things I could do thanks to blogging and the extra money it has earned me besides helping with the school expenses is to order things over the web. It’s a kind of ego-boost knowing that something that was once reserved for the elite would be accessible to commoner like my self, and at that I wish that every one else could do just the same.

Going back on topic, I’m talking about the second online purchase I made in my entire life, the first one was a set of small Moleskine notebooks, it is a “Linux User Ako Shirt” by tekingnoypi.com

Check it out,

linux user ako

Is it not one of the coolest things you could ever own?! I just confirmed my order and I’ll pay for it this weekend.

Wish though they had an Ubuntu Linux-flavored shirt that would be even cooler. Still, it’s open-source, and it’s Linux!

Can’t wait for it to arrive at my doorsteps! :lol:

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