Windows Cloud – will Microsoft finally take Google head-on?

Slowly, but surely, Microsoft is moving into the present-future trend of “cloud computing”, according to InfoWorld which says that MS’ CEO Steve Ballmer giving hints about “Windows Clou” OS:

Within a month, Microsoft will unveil what Ballmer called “Windows Cloud.” The OS, which will likely have a different name, is intended for developers writing cloud-computing applications, said Ballmer,

But it Ballmer was quick to dash ideas that Microsoft Office would soon be running on web browsers because that’s just not the way Microsoft sees the future. For them, it’s still all about the desktop PC and software that would still be installed on our hard drives that will power the future of computing.

Anyone else who believes this Seinfeld-era way of thinking? =P

With netbooks still gaining mainstream fanfare, internet connections going faster and more reliable, well in some parts of the planet that is, and the world economy going hay-wired, cloud computing still provides a bright light into the future.

Too bad for Microsoft Google is already steps ahead of them in this game in terms of infrastructure, scale and coverage. Google Chrome has been released into the wild and is slowly gaining market share while Android has entered the mobile world some tech pundits are even saying it could give the iPhone some serious competition.

I guess we still have to wait for next month when Microsoft makes a bigger and more definitive announcement about “Windows Cloud” and soon, we’d see how they will fare against Google up there in the clouds.

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