Windows 8: Ribbon UI to replace menu and tool bars

Do you like the Ribbon UI that was first introduced in Microsoft Office 2007? Well at the moment it seems that you’ll be seeing more of it in the upcoming Windows 8, the successor to Windows 7.

The early builds of Microsoft Windows 8 have been leaked and the tech community has already started to reveal some of its features. Most notable is the implementation of the Ribbon UI or toolbars in tabs in almost all the programs that ship with the OS like Windows Explorer.

Check out the screen shots below:

With the new Ribbon UI replacing the menu and toolbar, comes the so-called dynamic ribbons that changes depending on the type of file being viewed like Library Tools, Picture Tools, Disk Tools, etc.

Tech pundits are cautioning that this may not be what the final build of Windows 8 would look like but it does provide great insight into how the new OS from Microsoft will turn out to be.

Just like when it first appeared in MS Office 2007, Windows users are torn between loving or hating the Ribbon UI and now that it’s most likely to be seen everywhere inside WIndows 8, the divide and debate would just widen and escalate.

Frankly, I myself am torn between loving the Ribbon UI or not. There are times that I love the way it speeds up the work flow but there are also times that it does the opposite, as when trying to figure out how to do something in Word that I could have easily done with the old menu and toolbar UI.

Either way, it seems that Microsoft seems to be stepping up to Ubuntu’s switch to the new Unity UI with Ubuntu 11.04 which despite the controversy, is intended to work on touch devices as well. And this is where the Ribbon UI comes in more handy, on touch screens of smart phones and tablet devices.

And now on to yo, how do you find the Ribbon UI replacing the menu and toolbars in Windows 8?

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