Windbags and climate change

Contrary to some belief, I’m still alive. hehehe Not that there were people who actually thought the cursed typhoon Milenyo has swept me away to kingdom cum, but I’ve been offline in the last four days now because power and landline services (Globelines) are still down in my corner of upland Cavite. (that’s Silang to save you the trouble of looking for a map)

I wanted to write about a few rants to Meralco but Sir Angelo Racoma of the J Spot has already done it, and done it good. Plain and simple, “Meralco Service Sucks!

Much has been blogged about Milenyo’s rampage into our country so I think I’d give it a little rest for now. Prayers and stuf goes out to all those who have been severely affected by the storm. It’s high time for some bayanihan spirit and for the government to step up and help those who are in need.

A friend of mine commented in text message that it astounds him as Milenyo’s fury was unleashed full blast only last Thursday. After that, it was bright and sunny all over again, with a little rainshowers but hey, the storm is over. So how come power was still out?

I just replied to him that Milenyo was some mean and serious windbag. That’s why billboards and power poles have fallen down. The winds brought by Milenyo were just so strong, at 90mph in 10 minute averages, I’m not so much surprised that trees would be uprooted and power poles toppeled down. Still, reports say that even our weather guys are a bit puzzled by Milenyo’s behavior. Signs of global warming and climate change I suppose; but more on this at another time.

For now, off I go to give this public pc to another user whom I bet has already been itching to get his game up ang going.

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  1. Fortunately, we are spared of its wrath in Mindanao. I was clueless about the latest news until I have watched it in TV Patrol the other day. Na-shock na lang ako dun sa balita na nagliliparan na ang mga bahay. Surely, this was one of the worst calamities Philippines have experienced.

    Let's just pray that Neneng won't bring the same intensity.

  2. haha. 90 mph winds? Thats sissy stuff. I've lived on Guam most of my life and we've had Typhoons with winds in excess of 180mph with gusts up to 240 mph!! Now thats strong. The last super typhoon that hit our island knocked out power for 45 days! What a living hell that was!

  3. @ Jam: Sa tingin ko pinagbigyan ni Bathala ang Mindanao, tanda ko kasi yung mga nakaraang bagyo ay laging Southern Philippines ang tinatamaan. Kaya kaming mga taga-Luzon naman ang binagyo ngayon. Pero matindi ang naidulot ni Milenyo! Kababalik lang ng kuryente ngayon dito sa amin sa Silang, Cavite. Matapos ang 5 araw!

    Kaya paspas sa pagkumpleto ng mga school works ngayon! hehe

    @ trench: Whoah! So I guess, we were still lucky with Milenyo. But I think it's natural for Guam to be hit such powerful storms, the island afterall is smack in the middle of open ocean. Still, I think I'd go nuts if power would be out for 45 days. 😀

    @ ade: Last I checked, the death toll was about 105. Prayers and humanitarian aid for them.

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