Win an iPhone, Nintendo Wii or more from Hitachi

I’ve never really tried Hitachi hard drives before but I can recall, it was them who was the first to make commercially available 1 Terabyte (TB) hard drives back in 2007 using the Perpendicular Magnetic Recording technology.

Anyways, just received an email that Hitachi is running a contest of sorts which will give away prizes like an Apple iPhone, a Nintendo Wii, iSmart digital photo frames and of course Hitachi hard drives.

Hitachi Holiday Contest
Hitachi Holiday Contest

Each month, 1 Apple iPhone, 1 Nintendo Wii, 3 iSmart Photo frames and 5 “Hard Drive by Hitachi” external hard drives. To stand a chance of winning any of these prices, visit this Hitachi website and answer two simple questions. Submit your details and you’re now eligible to win!

Another way to qualify is to buy any Hitachi hard drive from December 1, 2008 to January 31, 2009. We all have a year to join and have the chance to win any of those cool prices.

I just hope I’m among the lucky ones this year!

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