Win a Free domain + 1GB CPanel hosting for 1 year

I’m pleased to announce that I’m co-organizing and co-sponsoring a humble blog contest in which the prize is a Free domain + 1GB CPanel hosting for 1 whole year. This idea was originally conceived by Jam of Jammed: Full into Capacity in which the prize was just a free top level domain (.com, .net, .org etc) for 1 year, I figured that things will be more exciting if it came with some free hosting. Since I have plenty of spare space and resources on my reseller account from HostGator, , I decided to team-up with Jam and sponsor the free webhosting that will compliment her free domain giveaway.

Why give away free web hosting?

Regular readers and on-line friends know that this domain of mine has been sponsored by the Enthropia since 2006. Back then, it was bundled with free web hosting from Ploghost until I switched to Colorteck sometime last year. The domain is still sponsored by Enthropia and it’s all part of the use campaign. Ever since being blessed with my own domain, things really picked up in my blogging career, so to speak. So sponsoring this blog contest with Jam is one way of giving back or passing the blessing around. I know there are hundreds of bloggers who dream and are working hard to finally get their very own domain and hosting and so this is my way of helping them out.

So what’s the prize again?

The winning blogger will receive a 1 year .com domain and 1 year cPanel hosting for FREE! The domain is sponsored by Jam while the yours truly will provide the hosting the specs of which are the following:

  • 1GB of webspace
  • 10GB of bandwidth
  • Unlimited SQL databases
  • Unlimited E-mail accounts
  • Unlimited FTP accounts
  • 100 Addon domains
  • 100 subdomains
  • cPanel
  • PHP4 & 5
  • Ruby On Rails
  • Streaming Audio/Video

I’m sure this is enough to get one’s blog all powered up and ready to face the world. Again this will come from my reseller account from HostGator which I signed up for to host my other blog projects as I have no plans of setting up a full-fledged hosting business. Since there’s plenty of spare space and resources, I figured it would be more useful if I’d share it with other bloggers.

How to win the free domain and hosting?

The rules are quite simple:

1. Participants should leave a comment below, stating their participation of this contest. Please use the URL tag when posting your entries with your blog name as the anchor text. This is to avoid long URLs conflicting with my siteโ€™s layout.

2. In order to win you have to:

  • Write about this contest, to include an explanation on why do you deserve to win the prize and what are your plans with the free .com and hosting. A link to Jamโ€™s main page ( and my blog ( should be included. (5 entries)
  • Subscribe through e-mail to our RSS feeds: mine and Jam’s. Subscriptions must be confirmed. This means you have to supply a valid e-mail address for the confirmation. This will also be used for contact purposes. (2 entries for each blog you subscribe to.) Relax, we will never spam you. ๐Ÿ˜€

3. Leave a comment below stating your participation in this contest, including the link for your entries (if any). Please use html tag in posting links to avoid long URLs.

Entries will be drawn randomly. The lucky winners will be contacted through e-mail. The deadline for this contest will be on February 28, 2008, 12:00 MN (Manila Time GMT +8) and the winner will be announced and contacted the following day (on the 26th).

To avoid confusion, chaos and possible lawsuits ๐Ÿ˜›

Participants need only to make one comment on either of our blogs, which ever they visit and comment on first. So there will be two groups of participants: the ones who made a comment on Jam’s blog and the other, the ones who will make a comment here. But all will be eligible to win. Of course duplicate comments will be counted as one.

Jam is giving away consolation prizes for the runner-ups, such as EntreCard credits, links on her sidebar and more. You can visit Jam’s contest page to see who has joined already or to get in touch and ask her questions or give suggestions.

I wish all those who will participate the best of luck, happy blogging and a very early Happy Valentine’s day. Friends and fellow bloggers can pitch in their help by mentioning this contest in their blogs too. Much link love will soon come your way. ^__^

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  1. Good day,

    Thank you for this contest . Many pepole want to have there own Web site but they cant becouse they dont have money to get it or becouse they dont have a Cridet Card and i am one of those pepole.
    me and my wife need the Web site becouse we want to establish our own Travel Agency starting from that Web site which will be the first prove of confedent to our clients and the gate to our products to the world.

    Thank you again for that chance.

    Best regards


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