Will the free Bumper cases for iPhone 4 be enough?

Apple has finally faced the music and came out with a quick solution to the iPhone 4 signal loss fiasco: free Bumper cases for everyone!

We love our users, we really love them. We try very hard to surprise and delight them. We work our asses off. When we fall short, which we do sometimes, we try harder. We pick ourselves up, figure out what’s wrong and we try harder. – Steve Jobs

What formerly sells for $29 a piece, is now free for everyone who has bought an iPhone 4 and to those who have already bought the Bumper case, a full refund. The offer stands until September 30. Will this be enough to solve this problem?

Though the costs to Apple would be negligible, around $87 million US by Yuga’s estimates, the real issue here is their image and Steve Jobs’ ego. After a sustained reign of being the coolest smart phone maker for years which started on the day the first generation iPhone was sold up to the present, who would’ve thought that this storm would hit Apple.

This wake up call will be something Apple nor Jobs would find hard to forget. iPhone 5 would have to meet higher expectations not just feature-wise but on the design and hardware aspects as well.

Though I think it’s unlikely that iPhone users would jump ship and switch to other brands. They just love Apple too much. And now that they’ve been given a freebie, it’s only a matter of time before they shut up and cease with the complaints.

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