Will Mar Roxas give way to Noynoy Aquino?

One of the lingering and noisiest aftershocks of Cory Aquino’s passing away is the consideration of Noynoy Aquino as a viable candidate for the upcoming Presidential elections in 2010. Oh and of course there’s talk that his younger sister Kris Aquino could run for a Senate seat.

Conrado de Quiro’s column gives Two more reasons why Noynoy should run and could be the next President of the Philippines. Aside from saying that Noynoy gives a clear option for those who have become disenfranchised about our elections or those who have doubts it would push through, the “Cory magic” could work its wonder once more.

The resurrection of People Power by Cory’s death has given us a second chance. If you’re religious, you’ll probably say it’s an act of God, there’s no other way to explain it. The Great Scriptwriter in the Sky must be busy burning the midnight oil. If you’re not, you’ll say history has offered a crack, a hole, a fissure for us to squeeze out of the rubble. Desperation bids us take it.

I can only hope inspiration bids Noynoy take it. I know I put the weight of the world on his shoulders when I say that. But the possibility of ending a foul and brutish regime, where cruelty reigns and decency languishes in Death Row, is too precious to let pass. The possibility of raising a good and just order, where the exalted are humbled and the humbled exalted, is too sacred to turn away from. Maybe it’s not always that those who do not heed history are cursed to repeat it. Maybe it’s also that those who do heed history are blessed to repeat it.

However, as this post’s title asks, will “Mr Palengke” give way? Especially now that he has ‘invested’ so much already.

The answer could be gleaned from Aurea Calica’s story for the Philippine Star:

“Why not? It is all up to him. I think at the right time he will decide on what is right for him.”

Pretty cordial and civil of Mar Roxas isn’t it? I just wonder how long he could keep this up and how would he take being sidelined as VP candidate.

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