Wi-Tribe in Cavite?

4G Internet anyone? A couple of days ago, my father brought home an old Compaq Presario notebook. How old? It was from the days when Compaq was still independent from Hewlett-Packard. The Presario laptop even had 3.5″ diskette drive! It sure did brought back memories from high school when the diskette was the primary means of portable storage and flash drives were still too expensive for the common folk.

Anyways, the most interesting thing that came with the laptop was the 4G Internet modem from Wi-Tribe.

Wi-Tribe 4G Modem
Being outside of Wi-Tribe's coverage area, it's pretty much a big and sleek paper weight

It’s pretty much useless out here in Cavite as it is outside of Wi-Tribe’s coverage area. Though the idea of having a fast wireless Internet connection is a geek’s wet dream, the reality is it’s a horrendous nightmare in the Philippines. No matter who the service provider is, 4G Internet in the Philippines still needs a lot of work in order to be at par with its global counterparts. Heck, the same could be said of all Internet services here in the country!

Hopefully, things will really improve over the next years with more players coming in and the government making sure consumers’ rights are protected and their interests served. Anyone using a 4G Internet service? How is it?

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  1. wi-tribe is a joke; their customer service is lousy, their download speeds are comparable to 20th century dial up, and in our case they lost dozens of emails we did not even know were not being delivered.
    This is a typical get rick quick pump the share price telco con – glittery packaging and empty promise to deceive and mislead the gullible.
    why bother with wi-tribe?

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