Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and an FM receiver in one chip

In one of the most amazing technological developments up to date, ExtremeTech has a story on how semiconductor maker Broadcom has been able to combine Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and even an FM receiver in one silicone die.

The Broadcom BCM4325 Wi-Fi/Bluetooth/FM transceiver will be slated for use in mobile and handheld wireless devices, and will feature IEEE 802.11a/b/g, support for Bluetooth 2.0, and an advanced FM receiver, according to the company.

“We’ve been able to combine Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technologies using a 65 nm process which gives us a significant advantage in both footprint and power,” said Michael Hurlson, vice president and general manager of Broadcom’s WLAN business unit.

Just amazing, once this chip gets into computers, portables, mobile phones and other gadgets next year, we could see a bigger boom in sharing content from users regardless of the device they use. Usually, some mobile phones or portable devices come only with either Wi-Fi or Bluetooth or Infra-red. Devices that sport more than one of the wireless standards are hard to find and quite pricey. Plus, they split users into tight groupings of Bluetooth-only users or IR-only users which really forms a barrier between us thus preventing us to share our content, whether they be images, music or video clips with almost anyone we want.

Another great innovation to look out for in the coming year, now if only the same thing could happen in the Blu-ray vs HD DVD war. Oh wait, there’s that hybrid player from LG. πŸ˜‰

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