Why The Naked Truth was not a fashion show

If we continue to tolerate this form of “entertainment”, before we know it, our society would be watching live porn right before their eyes and be so completely blinded and numbed by the media to see it as harmless amusement. Heck, it’s happening now—a lot of people aren’t even able to tell what can harm us as a society with the kind of sex-obsessed culture we are creating. We’re becoming more and more reckless, not considering the values we impart to the youth who will be left to run this world when the future comes.

Is this what marketing has come to? Degrading and sexually objectifying human beings for the sake of profit?

No wonder Jesus said the love for money is the root of all sorts of evil. It makes us forget that we are human beings with stories, souls, experiences, and emotions—not just mere bodies to sell underwear and jeans to through hypersexualization.

Dana and Stacy on The Naked Truth

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