Where the heck I’ve been

Against the instructions of my doctor and my mother, I am sitting on front of my computer and writing this post. I’m doing this because not only that it needs to be done but also because I want it to be done. I want to update this blog.

As the title says, this would post would be a bit random, off-topic and a rant-off in nature. It’s like a fruit salad but was concocted by a drunkard. No I’m not drunk.

I am ill. I’m struck with the summer flu (trankaso actually), good thing the fever has subsided and the headache has disappeared long enough to give me time to check my mail and see if there’s still someone reading this blog. LOL

Work has come a standstill for me while I battle it out with this illness. I expect to be in full health and full blogging + work mode by this weekend. To do a shakedown test of my just recovering body, I’ll be attending my best friend’s band’s first-ever mini-concert. Their group Capo is on a roll as they have appeared as guests in Pinoy Big Brother and Y! Speak just to name a few. The mini-concert will on tomorrow, May 4, 2007 at the Stonehouse Star Tavern, E. Rodriguez Avenue Quezon City. It starts at 8pm and the tickets are available at the entrance.

Here’s one of their performances at Y! Speak

So if anyone’s interested in hearing and seeing them play head on to Stonehouse tomorrow night. I’ll be there with the rest of our gang from highschool days giving our support to Bogs, Capo’s frontman and my best friend. Bloggers can also drop by and we could just hang out, chill to Capo’s music and spread some link love!

Armed with a new blogging tool

Finally I could say this phrase, “I have a phone that blogging bought.” What does that mean? Thanks to blogging and other online engagements I’ve finally earned enough money not only to partially fund my schooling but also a nice tech toy to help me improve my blog and boost my productivity. Thanks to AdSense, TLA, LinkWorth, Enthropia, Ploghost, WordPress, and the Racoma clan, I was able to get a new phone.

After 4 years, I bid farewell to my sturdy and spartan Nokia 3530 and welcome a brand new Sony Ericsson K800i. This 3G-capable phone allows me to take on some of my work wherever I go. The features I used the most since I got this last week is the Organizer with its feature-packed calendar, Tasks list, To-do lists, Notes which I now use to record sudden ideas for blogposts or braingasms.

I’m still learning to master the phone’s menu system, features and other functions. I’ve been a Nokia user all my mobile life and switching to a Sony Ericsson phone feels like switching to Linux from Window$ all over again, but with every step a learning and fun process. Too bad this summer colds and flu has watered down my momentum, once I do get fully recovered though, more and more posts about the prowess of the K800i will grace the pages of this blog.

The strongest point of the K800i that suit my needs is its camera. 3.2 Megapixels may be easily overshadowed by more advanced N-series phones but this 3.2 Megapixel camera phone is a Cyber-shot. As a friend of mine said last week as he described the K800i, “it’s a digi-cam that had a keypad grown on it.” Thanks to this, I shelved my plans of saving up on a digital SLR, and diverted those funds to my more important needs.

Backed by its neat features like an image stabilizer, Best Pic, built-in photo editor and 16x zoom, photo blogging and more, the K800i is perfect for my needs.

Movies, movies, movies…in CDs

Aside from getting new books, securing some basic needs and helping out the family make ends meet, thanks to the income streams that blogging has given me, it has also allowed me to pursue a little hobby of mine. Collecting VCDs, yes VCDs as I don’t have my own DVD player let alone my own TV set. Besides, they’re still a lot cheaper compared to DVDs. If ever the day comes that the VDC format is obsolete, it’s either I’ll just use a conversion technology to turn them into DVDs or keep them as artifacts of the past. Who knows how much an original or non-pirated VCD would cost in auctions in say the next 30 years once the DVD format (Blu-ray or HD-DVD) becomes the standard.

All I need to do now is to wait for this flu to go away and then it’s back to movie marathons, tinkering with the K800i and to this blog’s regular programming. Speaking of going back to things, I’m going back to bed now, my thermometer has just told me I should.

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  1. Ooh! A K800i! Doesn't it hang a lot though? I've been thinking of getting one but a friend's bad experience with it is making me consider another model. Has it hanged on you?

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