When Typhoon Glo strikes

Asides from her credibility, morals and loyalty issues, Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo is known for her fiery temper which the media has extensively covered. We Filipinos call it, "katarayan" or, borrowing from Gov. Joey Salceda’s nomenclature, it’s called being "bitchy". The most recent episode is when she walked-out twice from a TV taping of a prepared statement on the recent hostilities in Mindanao, all because of the inefficiency of the staff.

Ms Noemi takes a look at it from a positive view saying it could be caused by massive stress from being President (though I can’t say because how can you be stressed from being the President if you’re a fake President, but that’s for a whole new post) and dealing with all the things incumbent and accidental to it. She even offers some help with stress management.

What helps?

1. Focus on detachment.

2. Be open to healthy options for taking care of yourself if normal support is not available.

3. Take one day at a time to deal with feelings.

My unsolicited advice to GMA is take care of herself first. One is better able to cope with the most irregular circumstances and able to be there for others if one is caring for themselves. Maybe she knows has a solid plan in place but may need to be gently reminded every now and then. So here it is.

Though I’m with Ms Noemi that going on an eating binge, a healthy one, does help in relieving one’s self of stress, my unsolicited yet generous advice to GMA on dealing with stress is just simply resign from being President. (Though leaving Malacañan and never coming back would suffice because one could resign the Presidency if one is not a fake President)

It will relieve her of all the stresses of the Office and will definitely relieve us Filipinos from the stress of being dragged further down into a living hell and most especially, spare her staff from further torment and duress.

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