When the weather makes you an idiot

I woke up very very early this morning, at around 5 am because come 7 am I was suppose to take my Pre-lim major exams in my Ecology-labratory class. I rubbed the stubborn sleepiness along with the ‘morning stars’ (muta) off my eyes and mustered all of my half-conscious will to get out of bed and prepare for school. Yes, despite the dark and stormy weather outside I was determined to face it just to be in school before the clock hits 7 o’clock. Until my father came out of their bedroom, saw me picking off my school uniform from my dresser and asked, “You’re still going to school despite the storm? Haven’t they (DLSU or CHED) suspended classes for today yet?”

I answered without facing my father for I was a bit occupied as to what color of boxers to wear for today, “I’m not sure. That’s why I’m going to school to find out and if we do have classes, at least I won’t be late for my pre-lim exams at 7.”

mouseFrom behind I knew that my father wanted to hit me with the broom sitting on the wall next to their bedroom door where he stood, but instead he gave my morning’s dose of verbal wisdom, “Idiot! Why don’t you check out Inquirer’s website for any announcements instead?”

Father’s short, concise yet sharp words of wisdom did knocked some sense into me and so I powered up my PC, went online, headed to the Inquirer’s website and read that Classes at all levels have been suspended today. It was almost 5:30 in the morning then, minutes later I recieved an SMS message from Marx (yes, it’s his real name), a good friend of mine taking up Political Science, announcing that the Administration (DLSU-D) has confirmed that classes have been suspended, ergo I no longer have exams for Ecology lab-for the time being.

So with that settled, I logged off, powered down my PC and went back to bed as the storm continued on outside. I woke up again at around 8am not because I wanted to but because I was sweating and felt that is was warm in my room. I opened my eyes and saw that there is bright sunshine, yes I’m not kidding, being held back by my window blinds. I sat up on my bed and intently listened for any sounds of heavy rain pouring on the roof or of howling winds threatening to bring my glass windows down. Instead, all I heard where tricycle engines and people going about their daily lives out side in the streets, making their way to and fro the Silang Public market.

Storm“WTF?! I thought there was a storm, a typhoon? It was what classes have been suspended for. Where’s the dark clouds, the howling winds and the pouding rain? I don’t believe it!” I smacked my palm against my now sweaty and oily forehead. “Just like an old woman, a very old woman…” I muttered about the weather as I got out bed for the second time but without the haste and determination I had earlier. I went on with most of my morning routine; breakfast, hot cup of tea, tai chi, and right now, my 6-hour plus session of being online. I asked my mother at what time did it stopped raining, she said it was around 7am that the rains stopped and the sky cleared up a bit. Even as I write….err type this post just after having lunch, there is sunshine, moderate cloud cover with moderate cool winds outside. There are occasional rainfalls but very very light, ambon lang, with strong gusts of wind but that is pretty much it.

I’m sure though that this break in the stormy weather will not last long. As it has been like for the past two days, well according to our experience here in upland Cavite, the heavy stormy weather bears down upon us from around 6 in the evening and straight on until the early hours of morning the next day. That as of now is my own weather forecast, the question of whether classes would resume tomorrow is now left in the hands of ‘people upstairs’ which in turn would depend on how fast Florita would leave our country.

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  1. oo nga po. Mas maayos ang panahon ngayon kesa kahapon, but still, favorable parin sakin na walang pasok kasi supposedly, may exams kami. So that's more time for studying para sakin. And sleep. 🙂

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