What’s next after blogging? Glogging they say

By this time, blogging is already an ancient thing. I started blogging around 6 years ago and already it feels like half a century. Then came vlogging or video blogging, then came Twitter with tweeting and then we have #selfies courtesy of smartphones and Instagram.

What’s next? Glogging.

What the heck is it? It’s chronicling your daily activities via Google Glass as Mike Elgan writes on Computerworld:

Google Glass is worn like a pair of glasses. A clever prism mirror bounces light from a tiny screen into your right eye while still allowing that eye to see through. It looks like picture-in-picture TV, but for real life.

Your far-flung correspondent glogging hands-free on the streets of San Francisco.
A camera faces forward and pictures and video can be shot with a button or voice command. You say: “OK, Glass: Take a picture” or “record a video.”

Glogging posts are published on Google+ by default. You can also install apps for glogging on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Path.

Glass pictures and videos automatically show up privately in your Google+ photo section. By simply “Sharing” them, they’re published. You can add words, links and other content if you like.

You can also post instantly directly from Glass. While viewing a photo or video in glass, tapping brings up a “Share” option. Another tap shows you the addressing of who to share with, defaulting to your most recently shared contact. These can be people, or Google+ circles, or “Public.” Choosing that last option makes it a blog post.

It takes less than five seconds to take a photo and share it publicly on my Google+ stream.

I recommend reading the whole story here and see for yourself if Glogging will really be the next thing.

As for me, I think I would find it weird and awkward to sit next to someone practically talking to himself as he issues voice commands to Google Glass. But hey, who knows, by the time my daughter is a teenager, she’d be replying to this blog post of mine via Google Glass or something similar.

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