What would I do with my exported Friendster account?

It was a decision I postponed some two years ago. When most of my real-life friends and acquaintances have been added to my list of friends on Facebook, the idea of deleting my Friendster acccount became so obvious.

However, my nostalgic part got the better of me and I decided to just let my Friendster account die a natural death. Now, the Friendster team is pushing us all to take a step lesser than that – exporting our Friendster account data. Photos, comments, profile information, blogs etc.

Save your Friendster account information before May 31

We have until the 31st of May because after that Friendster would go into a major reboot and delete all the remaining user information on the site.

At first I had decided on exporting my Friendster information, probably in the rare instance that I’d be interested in the new Friendster that would soon emerge. Then again there’s no assurance that would happen so I then questioned the sense of exporting the data at all.

What would I do with it? For archiving purposes? For old times’ sake? It would probably just a waste of my time, bandwidth and hard drive space to keep my Friendster information. But this is just me, how about you?

Would you export your Friendster information? What would you do with it afterwards?

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