What if Pacquiao lost the match?

I’m not really a boxing fan nor of Manny Pacquiao’s, and it’s only earlier today that I watched the whole length of his match against Ricky Hatton.

Honestly, I felt a bit frustrated that my first attempt to watch in full a Pacquiao boxing match lasted only half-an hour. The darn TV ads were even longer than the actual match itself. The match was over too soon, GMA 7 had to replay it right away “due to insistent public demand” or perhaps because the advertisers didn’t expect that their expensive air-time was cut short too soon.

The two-round match is the latest testament to the boxing prowess and luck of Manny Pacquiao, right now, he’s indestructible! Another side of me wants to blame Ricky Hatton for his defense was awful! But really, the guy has had enough.

Most of us here at home had shared the opinion that Hatton’s defeat is crushing, humiliating and devastating. We all said this with a smirk on our faces because Pacman floored him.

But when Hatton’s fiancee was briefly flashed on TV right after his man went down, all tears and distraught, I had second thoughts.

So what if Manny Pacquiao lost to Ricky Hatton? What if Pacquiao was the one who got poleaxed to the floor?

How would Team Pacquiao reacted? How would his mother, who had just came to the US, would be like?

How would Pinoys react to this? Would we be the ones stunned instead of Hatton’s fans? For now, we could only imagine.

*Photo shared by Noisy Ade

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