What if mobile phone batteries were recalled?

For some time now, we’ve been hearing, reading and writing – for bloggers and journalists – about the past episodes wherein big tech manufacturers and suppliers had to recall hundreds if not thousands of their products because of one or more defective parts. The most typical and popular of most recent recalls were about the defective batteries and particularly, batteries for laptops and notebooks like the Apple MacBook whose battery were supplied by Sony.

battery recall

Troublesome and frustrating for users; embarassing, damaging and costly for manufacturers defective batteries have reminded us all that in our present times, no matter how much we have pushed the envelop of technological development, no matter how much we miniaturise, compress, and pack more features and horsepower into our techno gadgets, the mobile ones in this case, without the aging battery we still use today all of them are utterly useless. Plastic or titanium-skinned paperweights with a pricetag of well over Php30,000.

Of course this applies to those who actually have their own laptops and MacBooks, but honestly, how many Filipinos does own a MacBook or PC notebook? With the silence in the Philippine mainstream media and with a few rants and write-ups from Pinoy-tech bloggers (I mentioned tech bloggers because they represent the majority of the Pinoy MacBooks users) it’s clear the past episodes of laptop batteries being recalled is not a big deal amongst the computing Pinoys.

cell batteryBut what if this time, as my title suggests, mobile phone batteries were the ones to be recalled? In the scale that involves multiple phone models and one that cut across brand names. Just imagine that, the top mobile phone manufacturers announcing a massive recall of their mobile phones because of a defective battery in the “texting (SMS messaging) captial of the world.”

*Pak shet! Lo-bat na ako….Agad?!

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  1. naku, i know what having an 'old' mobile phone battery feels like! i have a nokia 7210 that my then-bf (now hubby) gave me for my birthday in 2002…shempre since i'm both senti and kuripot, i brought this phone all the way to the u.s. and didn't buy another one until late 2005. by that time, the battery would be totally drained in a couple of hours even without use, and if i have a phone call lasting about 10 minutes, mag-lo-low-batt na agad sya! the hubby finally convinced me to get a new battery, but by this time, buying a new batt was more costly than just getting a new phone (we actually got two new phones with a family plan, at about the same cost for a new batt).

    that phone is actually still in very good condition, but the batt is just horrible na. i still use the phone even now, but only as an alarm clock. i know, senti talaga, hehe.

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