Welcome to my new home

Welcome! Welcome! I’m so glad you were able to visit my new home in the world wide web. The past few days on inactivity and jerkiness in my blog was the result of going under the hood, doing some housekeeping and actually moving in to a new home, in a manner of speaking. After two days of messing and fumbling around my old site’s MySQL database, nagging Sir Angelo via e-mail for troubleshooting tips, and after 3 reinstalls of [tag]WordPress[/tag] in my new server…
Here it is, a new spankin’ Pinoy-blooded [tag].com.ph[/tag] domain, and a new webhost to boot. From my previous blog, The Four-eyed Journal, comes Pinoy Explorer.


Feels like I just started [tag[blogging[/tag] all over again. Some may be wondering why the sudden change? Why the big change? Where’s the Four-eyed Journal?
Worry not, I’ll tell you a little story that took place some time in April 2006. While going through my RSS subscriptions, I saw this one post title that really got my attention; “Get your own .com.ph domain for free.”

Say what?! I clicked the link to read the full entry and I was blown away, problogger Sir Angelo Racoma of racoma.com.ph is giving away free .com.ph domains plus a cool webhosting account from ploghost.com also for free. I said to my self, “I have got to get this free .com.ph domain.” So I contacted Sir Angelo, made e-mail inquiries and sent some stats of my previous blog and hoped that I’ll meet the qualifications stated in the conditions of the free offer.
After anxiously waiting for a few days, I got the e-mail response and hallelujah! I qualified! Alas, one of my dreams finally came true, because from the very start I’ve always wanted
a .ph or .net.ph or any domain that had .ph at the end. Para sa domain name pa lang, Pilipinong-Pilipino na ang dating. 😀

I may sound cheesy or baduy or even a suck-up to Sir Angelo but heck, carrying the .ph at the end of your domain adds that extra ring to it. Still, some my ask “Why .com.ph?” I just say ‘Why not?’

So here I am, writing my very first post in my revitalized and repackaged blog the Pinoy Explorer.

I dropped the geeky and ambiguous blog title of “The Four-eyed Journal” for a clearer (and more seo-friendly) title of the ‘Pinoy Explorer.’ It clearly defines myself as a student of biology, technology and life; and the purpose of this blog, to share to you my explorations and even experiments about technology, biology, the [tag]internet[/tag], human health, even politics and a few other topics that tickle my fancy. I am going to share it in such a way that everytime you come to visit, you’d most likely to walk away with something that is worth your while.

So do come back as I have a lot of good things in store for all of you. Till the next post, happy web surfing.

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  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you Sir Angelo. I really learned a lot from the experience, and I hope you don’t mind me using the same theme as you use on your main blog. It’s actually the inspiration for the new look. 😀

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