We all have a secret life like Walter Mitty

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty
A few days ago, I finally got to see The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. One of the best films of 2013 or of movie history if you ask me. It portrayed how LIFE magazine transitioned from the printed version to the online version through the eyes of its negative assets manager Walter Mitty (played by Ben Stiller) who was often lost in his day dreams of fantasy and alternate realities, aptly called “zoned out”.

How many times do you day dream in a day? How often does the people around you catch you blankly staring into the distance as your mind wonders off with some wild or crazy vision of an alternate world that you have created?

Some would say that a clue to this behavior is when you notice that you are talking to yourself. Specially when you’re hanging out with your friends, your office mates or sometimes when you’re all alone.

Is this a bad thing? Is this something to worry about? Should this be something to seek professional help for? I’m no expert and I am equally guilty as the next average person who does drift away in our alternate worlds. I say, it’s a healthy sign of your creativity.

The ability to conjure an alternative universe where you can fly, pass through walls, be the world champion at something or be the damn richest person in history or sometimes, just to be with the significant other we all long for. The power of the human imagination is limited only by our physical existence.

Some would argue that it’s no use day dreaming as that’s what all there is, just a dream. The point however is not to live in that dream world but rather find and draw inspiration from that so that we are motivated to do something that would bring those dreams to reality. A way to bridge this world and that alternate one where we are the center, the Alpha and Omega, where we are the One.

As I have learned from one of my great friends and mentor, if one is without dreams, one is not human. So I, in turn, often tell to those who listen and turn to me for help, rise each day and do your best to move closer to that dream. That to me, is the purpose of life. What do you dream of?

Going back to one of my first questions, how often do you day dream?

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