Video: WorldMap showing Storm-worm infection

Hackers and malicious coders are always the sneaky and surprising ones. They took advantage of a storm last week that his Europe by spreading scam e-mails purportedly containing details about the storm and it effects with subject lines saying “230 dead as storm batters Europe” that contains a virus.

Named Small.DAM, the virus successfully spread and infected computers world-wide. A video uploaded to YouTube shows a footage of a live web security firm F-Secure’s world map showing the spread of the virus via e-mail in a span of 24 hours as it was reported to be detected.

Notice that some Filipinos were also infected by the virus as can be seen in the map. F-Secure even has a map of where in the Philippines the virus has struck.

small.DAM infection RP

I wonder who were the unfortunate ones from the Visayas region that got infected?

Have you heard any word or update about this concerning the Philippines?

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3 thoughts on “Video: WorldMap showing Storm-worm infection

  1. Oh okay, there’s an available video for download. Anyway, there’s should be one thing learned here: don’t download anything especially if you do not know the sender.

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