Using Google AdSense Competitive ad filter to remove political ads

Blogging about politics has its many pitfalls, aside from being labelled many things that you’re not and having your blog traffic suffer for it, one of the worse things that could happen is a politician’s ad being displayed on your blog via AdSense.

Or is this one of the pitfalls of running AdSense on your blog? Anyways, it really stings if the political ads are for a politician you do not like one bit. Though I blog about politics, turning this blog into a political ad for any party or candidate is an idea that doesn’t sit well with me. Especially if the ad was displayed without my notice and approval.

It’s a good thing that Google AdSense has a feature called competitive ad filter which allows us publishers to have some control over the ads that get displayed on our blogs via AdSense. The troubling thing is, it’s reactive instead of being pro-active. The blogger must first spot the offending ad before and in order for it to be filtered out, if he gets to spot it because it may only be appear on certain pages or posts that are political in topic.

So even before he gets to filter out the ad, the damage has been done, for the duration that the ad was not yet filtered out, it gave the impression that this blog was endorsing the candidate or party to which the ad promotes. Annoying indeed it is. Frustrating at times. Right Ms Connie?

Perhaps I’d endorse a candidate or party for the coming elections. But I’d do it in a manner I choose, in the method I approve of and in the time I’ve decided to take that plunge. For now, I’d be happy to filter out those politician’s ads and I’d pass up the few cents of earnings if ever theirs do get clicked.

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