US Navy rail gun jet launcher

It was only a matter of time that after the US Navy demonstrated a working prototype of their rail gun, a weapon system that uses electricity and the principles of magnetism to propel projectiles instead of the conventional gunpowder or other chemical explosives, two years ago it would be put to other applications.

Like launching fighter jets off an aircraft carrier instead of the steam-powered catapults in use today. Yes Gundam fans, it’s just like how they do it in Gundam Seed and Gundam OO series. Rail guns that launches air craft into combat.

They call it the EMALS or the Electromagnetic Aircraft Launch System. It is more energy efficient and could fire or launch more air craft in the same amount time a steam-powered catapult system does. Expect to see these rail gun launchers in new US Navy air craft carriers possibly by next year.

Pretty soon, space travel would be facilitated by larger rail guns or mass drivers that are hundreds of kilometers long. Launching cargo and spacecraft carrying humans into space.

It’s always been exciting to know that stuff you thought you’d only see in sci-fi movies or anime become reality within your lifetime. Now, when’s the prototype lightsaber going to be demoed?

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