Urinals with Ads

WizmarkIt’s called Wizmark. An interactive advertising device that goes with men to the restroom whenever mother nature calls on you…literally. It’s patented design allows it to sit right inside the average-sized urinal and despite being pissed on, it will still do its job and deliver ads both commercial and public service ads to you as you do you business inside the ‘john’.

It’s makers’ website squarely describes it as follows;

Designed to capitalize on the “Captive Audience” found in a mens restroom this unique and novel patented promotional and marketing design promises to create, for the advertising industry, an entirely new worldwide genre for print media. Available with a wide variety of attention grabbing annunciators it will assuredly get noticed. A combination, utilizing a simple & inexpensive utilitarian design and a previously neglected and underutilized public space that is plainly in view of a large part of the male population{the urinal}, unquestionably, promises to become an original killer application for many product promotions.


Now that is innovation at its best. I just hope that no one suffers from a heart attack in case they get surprised, shocked or even scared by the Wizmark upon first encounter. Well I hope not.

If this device was meant as a advertising tool, I wonder if future models would become more high-tech and include a wireless internet connection allowing men to check their mail, read their RSS feeds and even blog while taking a piss. I also wonder that aside from public service ads or announcements, will targeted ads will be shown relevant to biochemical properties of the current ‘user’ so as to display ads about urinary, cardio-vascular and even reproductive health.

I’m also beginning to wonder whether MMDA Chair Bayani Fernando has heard about this device or not, and what would he think of it? Will he put it inside the next generation of the MMDA Pink Urinals? Will there ever be an improved next generation of those Pink Urinals?

Until then, remember to keep your aims true, your hands clean and the toilets or urinals flushed.

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  1. I like the idea of serving Public Service Ads via the Wizmark or important public announcements but commercial ads?

    Maybe they should incorporate medical services to the devices instead, like a quick urine test so that the user would be alerted to his current state of health. Maybe it could be used to detect drug addicts too? The device has more potentials if we stop thinking about making more money out of it.

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