Upgraded to ZoneAlarm 7.0.4 free firewall

In the run-up to upgrading to the upcoming major release of WordPress 2.3, I was reminded to update my ZoneAlarm firewall to the latest version, 7.0.4

Updating or upgrading my firewall is a top priority in to-do-list of PC maintenance so after blogging over at Sumilang, I cleaned up the desktop to make way for the upgrade of ZoneAlarm. After all, when installing or updating software in Windows, it’s wise to close all the other apps otherwise Windows might screw things up again.

I’ve been using ZoneAlarm as my firewall for well over 3 years now and so far, I’ve been a happy user. Of course I’m using just the free version which is their basic firewall. Truth is, I don’t have the money to buy the full ZoneAlarm security suite and I’m strict on not using the hacked or pirated versions of the software because as far as my PC security is concerned, legitimate and legal copies is a must even though I could easily get them for less than $5.00 here in the Philippines.

upgrade ZoneAlarmBesides, the free basic firewall works just fine and I don’t want another bloatware to strain my PC and clutter the hardisk. That’s the complain I have against the mainstream security apps like Norton, Tren-Micro’s Internet Security etc, add on their pricey 1-year license and it’s a no brainer why I dropped it and went on the search for a good and free firewall. Thank heavens there’s ZoneAlarm.

The latest version I upgraded to is version 7.0.4 which is for Windows XP/2000 users only. Vista users instead need to download ZoneAlarm version 7.1 which is exclusively built for them. Don’t worry though, they still offer the basic free edition of this neat and effective firewall.

If you’re still not using ZoneAlarm firewall, I suggest you have a look at it, give it a try and I’m sure you’d be satisfied. Feeling cautious? Here’s a few know-how about the ZoneAlarm firewall:

System Requirements:

Vista (32-bit):

  • Pentium III 800 MHz or higher
  • Minimum system RAM: 512 MB
  • 50MB of available hard disk space. Internet access.

Windows XP/2000 Pro:

  • Pentium III 450 MHz or higher
  • Minimum system RAM: 128 MB
  • 50MB of available hard disk space. Internet access.

Supported Protocols for Email Protection

  • POP3 (Incoming only) — available in all ZoneAlarm products
  • SMTP (Outgoing only) — available in all ZoneAlarm products except free ZoneAlarm
  • HTTP (Junk email filtering in conjunction with Outlook or Outlook Express) — available in ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite only
  • IMAP4 (Incoming only) – IMAP4 is not supported for virus scanning of email. — available only with ZoneAlarm Antivirus and ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

Support Browsers

  • Internet Explorer 5.5, 6.0 SP1, 6.0 SP2 7.0 SP2
  • Netscape Navigator 7.2, 8.0 Beta
  • FireFox 1.00 and higher
  • MSN Explorer 6.0 and higher
  • AOL 9.0

Compatible IM Clients

  • MSN 6.2.0205 and higher
  • Windows Messenger and higher
  • Yahoo! IM 5.5.1226 and higher
  • Yahoo! Japan IM* and higher
  • AOL IM 5.2.3292 and higher
  • ICQ Pro 2003b and higher
  • ICQ Lite 5.0 and higher
  • Trillian (/MSN/YIM/AIM/ICQ) 0.74i and higher
  • Trillian Pro (/MSN/YIM/AIM/ICQ) 1.0 and higher
  • GAIM (/MSN/YIM/AIM/ICQ) 0.74 and higher
  • Miranda (MSN/YIM/ICQ) 0.3.2 and higher

* – Japan Yahoo IM does not work with non-Japan Yahoo’s ID because it uses a different process: “YPagerJ.exe”

ZoneAlarm free firewall has kept my PC safe and secure from intruders from the net ever since I started using it a few years back and it has never failed me since. This may not be a paid review or write-up about ZoneAlarm (honest! :mrgreen: ) but I highly recommend you use it and secure your PC.

Or do you use other firewalls? Are they for free? Let’s share stories. 😀

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  1. When I first connected to the net, I tried several different firewalls but decided to stick with ZoneAlarm. First thing, it was free 😀 And also I didn't have to bother with anything, the settings are just what they should be with automatic update doing all the work. 6 years and counting…

  2. 😯

    The empire is truely naked… I am using … cannot say because it is also a secret 🙂 Just kidding! I like using ZoneAlarm, in afct not really. I just use it.

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