Unlocked Apple iPhones being sold in Hong Kong

This is perfectly legit, Apple itself, is now selling unlocked iPhones in Hong Kong according to reports from big tech news sites. I got wind of this via afterdawn.com

Apple has begun selling unlocked iPhones in Hong Kong today, marking one of the few times the company has allowed the phone to sell in such a fashion. An unlocked phone can be used on any GSM carrier and is not tied down to any specific carrier.

Until now in Hong Kong, only users of Hutchison Telecom could use the iPhone but now the phone will be available to anyone using a GSM carrier.

The unlocked iPhone will sell for a high premium however, $695 USD for the 8GB model and $795 USD for the larger capacity 16GB model.

$695 USD roughly converts to Php 32487.775 (P46.745 = USD1.00) for the 8GB model.
$795 USD converts to Php 37162.275 for the 16GB model.

Anyone interested? Get in touch with your relatives or friends in Hong Kong if you’re too paranoid to have your iPhone unlocked for a hefty price in Greenhills.

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  1. The catch is that you can't update the iPhone software to the latest version via your iTunes unless you hand it down to the shop and pay another 2 digits dollar.

    When the unlocked iPhone made available in HK late last year (not the 3G), it was very expensive, limited stock only and really "glamorous" but —- you make heads turn.

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