UAAP Season 73: How about the other games?

I know this is a hard fact of Philippine sports coverage and an old issue at that, but it’s a bit disappointing that the UAAP board or its host or organizers have failed to deliver on the promise at the opening of season 73: that the other sports in the tournament would be given more attention or highlight in the opening ceremonies.

Which they did. The character heroes/mascots who represented each of the UAAP schools were players of other sports like football, taekwondo, volleyball, etc.

Thinking it would translate into added main stream media coverage for the other sports being currently played, I was disappointed. But who could blame the TV networks right?

Only basketball, volleyball and cheer dance competition has gained national popularity to make TV coverage economically viable.

However, there are still thousands of students, alumni, fans and supporters who would like to get updated on how their alma mater teams are doing in the sport they like other than basketball. I know a lot of students from De La Salle Greenhills who are more passionate about football than they are about basketball.

Heck, I’d like to see how football matches are played between DLSU and UP and the other universities. Chess fanatics would also jump in joy once they get to study how games are being played by the UAAP schools.

The point is that the UAAP is more than about college basketball. And if we like to foster sports interest and passion on a national scale, we should be giving the public, especially the youth, much sports coverage as possible.

The solution is new media. Blogs, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, all these tools have been maximized by citizen journalists and even main stream media to cover other events like the 2010 national elections.

The online demand is there, because people tend to search on the internet about things they missed or cannot find on TV.

Wouldn’t it be great to have a UAAP blog maintained by bloggers, which could work with each school’s respective student publications, volunteers from different UAAP-member schools who would cover events they watch, with analysis, commentary, video or even live streaming of matches. I’m sure it would be a goldmine!

If mainstream media will not pay attention to the other sports in the UAAP, then new media can fill the gap. And it will be magical.

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