Twitter client: Switching from Gwibber to Turpial

Turpial is a free and open-source Twitter client for Ubuntu Linux. It's light, fully functional and simply works.
One of the things I looked forward in Ubuntu 11.10 is the new version of Gwibber with it’s overhauled UI which is way better than the previous incarnation.

However, ever since the upgrade to Ubuntu 11.10, I’ve always had a hard time using Gwibber because for some strange reason it just moves like a glacier on my notebook. Often times, it just crashes.

I know the open-source community can help fix this, but I have hardly the time to get it done so for a quick fix I downloaded and installed a different Twitter client – Turpial.

It’s written in Python, light, fully functional and it simply works. It’s full features are the following:

  • Support single column view and multicolumn view (if you are using Multicolumn view it’s look like tweetdeck).
  • Colored tweets according to their status (yellow when read. blue when unread, etc).
  • Support for
  • Enhanced Notifications (with further options).
  • Autoscrolling
  • Customizable image hosting place for uploaded images.
  • Customizable preferred service for shorten url service.

You can install Turpial on your Ubuntu machine by using these commands in Terminal:

sudo apt-add-ppa repository: effie-jayx/turpial
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install turpial

Sorry Gwibber, I really looked forward to sending out tweets with you but you just won’t work with me.

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