Twingly Blog Search now out of Beta

Finally, they’re open to the public. Twingly Blog Search, they say it’s spam free, has just stepped out of their closed beta phase and is now open and accessible to the public.

They also have blog widget to boot, this allows you to create a widget out of your Twingly search results, similar to Google’s “gadget” which you could put on your Google homepage. But honestly, how many of us really use our customized Google homepages? So Twingly took it a step further by turning it into a widget that can be placed on any blog or website.

What is Twingly?

TwinglyWidgetTwingly is a new blog search engine that claims to be spam, or more appropriately, splogfree compared to other similar services like Google Blog Search. This is done thanks to a voting system similar to Digg (and all of it’s clones) wherein users can mark as spam the blog search results which they feel or think as spam. Good blog posts are promoted via vote recommendations from users. If Twingly really takes off, I have a strong feeling that this would create a new topic for blog promotion gurus to talk about.

To summarize, here are some key features of Twingly Blog Search:

  • Spam free search
  • Social search. The users enhance the search results by voting on posts they like. Bloggers enhance the search results by linking to posts they like
  • Subscribe to search results by RSS and alerts via email
  • Language functionality: Translation of search results and filtering based on language
  • Twingly widget platform. Parts of can be incorporated into blogs
  • Hot Right Now. Overview on hot topics in the blogosphere
  • User directed development through a tech plan open for voting.

Registration is not required to do blog searches on Twingly but you need it in order to vote for the good posts and report the spammy ones. Fret not though, registration is free and painless.

So far, I like what I’ve seen from Twingly, a nice, new and refreshing blog search engine that puts more emphasis on the ‘small’ bloggers than on the huge and already popular ones. The Digg-like voting system will keep it spam free, for now, because just like what happened to Digg, there could emerge a group of elite users who would then take control or exert great influence upon the workings of Twingly. On the other hand, I trust that the team behind Twingly will not allow such a thing to happen.

Go ahead and visit Twingly today.

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