Top 5 reasons I switched to Sony Ericsson

A few days ago, I wrote about where the heck I’ve been and that I’m back with a new blogging tool, a sweet and savvy Sony Ericsson K800i mobile phone.

In this post, I’ll share the Top 5 reasons I spent my money to switch from a Nokia mobile phone to one that is made by Sony Ericsson. In turn, this post is also my entry to the latest group writing project by ProBlogger Darren Rowse themed, what else, ‘Top 5′

In this group writing project, any blogger can join in by following the directions given by Darren and of course writing about anything that revolves around the theme of ‘Top 5’ whether be it the top 5 reasons why you blog, top 5 movies you’ve ever seen, top 5 reasons you’d go help in protecting the environment, top 5 plugins a blogger uses, top 5 gadgets you own, anything.

This group writing project has always been a fun and rewarding exercise because it helps bloggers get to know more bloggers, learn from them and get some awesome link love from most of them. This time around, the reward is even sweeter because a prize of $1001 USD courtesy of Chitika awaits the one lucky blogger who joins this group writing project.

It’s just awesome, and so with out further delays, here’s my Top 5 reasons why I switched to Sony Ericsson phone instead of just getting another Nokia mobile phone.

K800iI’m tired of Nokia phones – it’s not that I hate Nokia, they make really good phones but I’ve been using a Nokia phone since ever. My first phone was Nokia 3210 which I loved very much because of its usability and durability. It was followed by a Nokia 3530 which I also enjoyed very much because of the colored screen, solid usability and sturdy construction. Also, here in the Philippines, almost 8 out of every 10 who owns a mobile phone got theirs from Nokia. So to once again break from the norm and be the few and unique, I decided to get a phone by Sony Ericsson. Not just any ordinary Sony Ericsson phone, it’s a K800i. Sweet!

It’s keeps me connected – Bluetooth, Infrared and 3G are the standards of today’s mobile phone connectivity. All 3 of these wonderful technologies are built-in to almost every Sony Ericsson phone from the entry-level models like the K510i up to the higher end models like the W880i. This is unlike with Nokia phones wherein you have to get the more expensive higher end models to have both Bluetooth and Infra-red ports on the same phone. I keep on hearing my friends and schoolmates complaining about their Nokia phone having only either a Bluetooth capability or the IR port as connectivity options. Not like me though, the K800i comes with both technologies that keeps me connected in more ways than one.

It’s a portable hard drive – yes, the K800i can also serve as my own portable USB mass storage device that I could connect to any computer for file storage and transfer. I just plug it in and select the ‘File Transfer’ mode and the computer sees the phone as another removable storage drives. The neatest thing about this is, it doesn’t require specific software to be installed for it to be detected by the computer you’re using. All I need is the USB cable, the phone and and USB port. Talk about plug ‘n play right?

It charges up super fast – One of the best features I love about the K800i is that it takes less than an hour to fully charge its battery. This is so much better than waiting for more than an hour or more for a Nokia phone to be fully charged. Fast charging, it minimizes my phone’s downtime and giving me more productive time instead.

It’s a Cyber-shot! – 3.2 megapixels may be a far cry from today’s dedicated digi-cam devices but compared to other phones of its class, the K800i’s camera is among the best in its class.

There you go, my top 5 reasons I switched to Sony Ericsson phone. I could give more reasons but I think this should be enough for now. For more Top 5 posts, I suggest you stop by at Problogger because the first batch of posts are already up and it’s quite a goldmine of good content.

Something to consider

Nokia and samsung mobile phones have launched special cell phones for sportsmen. These phones can be customized with football and cricket ringtones and wallpapers. In addition there are some advanced features like camera, cell phone gps and maps to facilitate sportsmen. Cell phones with built-in camera allow beginners to take photos with luxury to attach a canon photo printer with their phone for direct printing. However, professional photographers still prefer to buy digital camera .

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  1. 1. I'm tired of Nokia phones. I used to have a Motorola C651 but my dad broke it so I'm using an old Nokia 6600 which I love since I could install various software and productivity tools on it. I especially love my Oxford Dictionary. However, the joystick of the k800i seems to wear out easily. My Mom's phone is that same model, and she's not that much of a techie, but her joystick is worn out already.

    2. Yeah >_

  2. Yes, I'm tired of Nokia too. But I wish there were more models that had the specs of the K800i. I'm looking at other SE phones because the K800i is the easy first choice of most people. ๐Ÿ™‚


    the prada phone actually came out before the iphone and looks uber sexy.. touch screen and has almost everthing.. well except for that camera in front which most nokia phones have..

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