Top 5 Malware in SE Asia according to BitDefender

Yesterday, I received a press release from BitDefender about their list of the top 5 malware in South East Asia.

According to them, the leading causes of malware infection are not upgrading and updating operating systems and anti-virus solutions and of course, not scanning removable devices like thumb or external drives.

Which is very true, as most of my non-techie friends rarely develop the habit of installing updates for their OS and AV softwares. And it would usually take some quick-explaining to help them realize that it’s wiser to disable the autorun feature in Windows as this is one of the most exploited in the OS.

BitDefender’s figures were based from data taken from July to September 2010. Neatly summarized in this graphic below:

The top 5 malware are:

  1. Trojan.AutorunInf.Gen
  2. Win32.Worm.Downadup.Gen
  3. Win32.Worm.Downadup.B
  4. Trojan.Generic.4338773
  5. Win32.Worm.DownadupINF.Gen

What has caught my attention is BitDefender’s description of Trojan.Generic.4338773 which according to its media release:

a newcomer with great “negative” potential. This is a generic detection for cracks and keygens targeting various AV products. (Emphasis supplied.)

So this malware sniffs out illegal copies of AV products since it detects for “cracks and keygens” for various AV products? It seems that security vendors are really behind some of the malware that’s been infecting PCs the world over.

Which makes good business because it helps them crackdown on software pirates but increases their profits by pushing users to buy licensed AV products. Ah yes, the conspiracy theory that security software vendors are behind some of the malware out there so that they can keep on selling their AV products.

But I have little worries about malware, worms and viruses. It’s because I’m using Ubuntu Linux as my primary OS.

What do you guys and gals think? Which anti-virus software do you use? Have you PCs or laptops been infected by one of these malware? How did you solve the problem? Do share in the comments thread below.

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