Tonyo Cruz: National ID and SIM Card registration are a scam

There’s no problem with having multiple ID cards. The real problem lies in the services linked to those cards: declining budgets, quality, coverage, scope, rising fees, and more expensive premiums. Also: the corruption and mishandling of state workers’ and private sector workers’ pension and health insurance funds. Those are the problems begging to be solved.

There’s no problem either with non-registration of SIM cards. The real problem lies in the failure of authorities to use all tools at their disposal to dismantle, arrest, and prosecute syndicates. Not to mention the massive surveillance reportedly done by the US National Security Agency against Filipinos.

If the National ID and mandatory SIM card registration get approved, the people who would be happiest are the crooks – the criminals and their forgers for the new business, the scammers in and out of government, the identity thieves, and those responsible for our real problems: the dismal state of basic services and crimes going unpunished.

The public should be warned: The National ID and mandatory SIM card registration are scams.

Tonyo Cruz gives compelling reasons why the proposed National ID and SIM card registration would be an added burden to ordinary Filipinos. Not only an added burden, it would be another tool for violation of rights and oppression.

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