To my readers; do the ads alienate you?

Bryan @ One Man’s Goal has an interesting post about one of the oldest yet crucial issues about blogging; monetization.

He starts the conversation by asking the question:

Does monetizing your blog alienate readers?

There were lots of good points raised by bloggers from both sides of the fence. Bryan gives his reaction to each which is good as it tends to balance things out. He also gives a summary of the arguments against blog monetization;

Most of the arguments made against site monetization have to do with honesty. We all know a few dishonest people, and I can guarantee we’ll run into a few more. Some bloggers are like a crooked used-car salesmen… they’ll say anything to make a buck. This gives the rest of us a bad name, just like the honest used-car salesmen out there.

Others say that the ads are simply un-appealing, and that they would prefer to see a nice and clean site with no advertisements as opposed to one that has ads shoved in every pixel of free space (I’ve seen this… IT HAPPENS).

Valid points really, but there’s a middle ground to all of this and as I commented in that post;

Everyone has to eat, buy new underwear once in a while and some still go to school. So earning a buck or two from your effort of maintaining a blog will be well worth it.

Besides, the famous blogs still carry ads on them, some of top blogs even takes ages to load completely because of the ads on them, but people still read them. So what’s the point of turning away from blogs that do have some ads (not too much of course)? Because after all, and I believe we all agree on this that content is still king.

I’m on the same side as Bryan, obviously from the comment I made, the current state of this blog and its history. I’m pro-monetization and have gone through almost every monetization scheme out there. Why do I do it? Why do I become, as Bryan puts it; an honest used-car salesman?

Expounding on the comment I made, I come from a lower-middle class family. The only reason I was able to start college at the Ateneo only to move to De La Salle University is because of my loving and hardworking grandparents in the US of A. I owe a lot to them. But that’s just for the tuition, the rest of the other school expenses are shouldered by my father, and I’m telling you this is where reality and hardship kicks in. So growing up in this situation I’ve realized that I need to do something on top of getting good grades and that is helping with getting me through to college.

Sacrificing school just to get a job momentarily was an idea I prepared to put into practice but was adherently opposed by my family. So the option left was getting those on-the-side jobs or ‘sidelines’ that would help me earn something that could lighten up the load on my family’s purse.

Since I’m a geek, a Left-leaning geek at that, plus a theater arts worker cum aspiring writer, blogging served another purpose; not just a tool where I could write to help people realize what a dump the Philippines is and that we should do something about it, but something that could help me earn my keep. Hence the monetization of this blog. (Quite a long disclosure wasn’t it?)

But like Bryan, I now have standards which in summary:

  • In the remote chance that companies would like to advertise here, if their product or service won’t be of great help to us then no to those crap.
  • No more over-advertising. I use to cram every pixel of free space on this blog with ass-loads of ads from different advertising systems but not anymore.
  • No pop-ups, no interstitials, no bandwidth-heavy flash ads that will jump out at your face and scare you away.

However, I don’t know if these standards of mine are really being effectivel implented here. That’s why it’s time for an ‘open-forum’ if you think I’m violating my own standards or you have any suggestions to help me out do share them at the comments thread below. I might even throw a surprise gift for each of you. 😀

10 Replies to “To my readers; do the ads alienate you?”

  1. If you ask me, you're current theme and layout is better than the previous one. Regarding the ad placement, IMHO they're not annoying and are placed well.

    I've thought about this before and wanted to ask my readers opinions regarding my blog's layout and ad placement. I think I'll follow suit and post something about this later. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  2. Nothing wrong with earning an honest buck. Frankly, your ads never bothered me. Its nice that you are having fun and earning at the same time. Keep up the good work and I commend you for being true. Iba talaga ang Archer!

  3. I just loved your new theme.It's very neat! I think adverts are okies as long as they aren't blinking 😆

    Btw jhay,did I send you the URL before subject: get paid to blog? If you haven't rec any let me know will re send it

  4. Thanks for the nice feedback. I'm actually thinking of changing themes again. 😛

    Anyways, I didn't recieve any links from you. Do send them again please, many thanks.

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