To me by Bogs feat Yum v.4

On a few occassions and personal posts on this blog of mine I’ve mentioned one of the most important and dearly loved persons in my life. It’s my best friend and long-time buddy Bogsy.

We’ve known each other since we were like little kids. We went to the same school from kindergarten to highschool and practically grew up into the kind of men we are today; noisy, rowdy, down-right smart and out to prove something to the world.

We’ve been through a hell of a lot things and still going strong. Though we may not spend each waking day together like other best friends out there but there’s no need to. Though we miss each other, and the rest of our gang so much, though we seldom see each of each other, the bonds between us has grown so strong that all we need to do is to send a txt message and we’re fixed until the next time.

Unlike me, Bogs was gifted in the arts. He was once the dancing king of our school, one heck of director/writer and one that has a great singing voice. He may not play the guitar that well but play it for him and will sing to your heart’s delight. I always knew that he would make it big someday, not showbiz business but in the music scene maybe. Lately, he has been uber busy with something that may just prove that he’s a singing star material.

He came up with a totally original composition; got a few cool friends of his to lay down the music and even shoot a nice video to boot. All are captured in the footage below:

Congratulations Bogs, you’ve done well. 😀

4 Replies to “To me by Bogs feat Yum v.4”

  1. Buddy! shux, thank you for this space in your blog. masaya aku na nagustuhan mu Ung song. bat di mu ilagay sa testi tong mga pinaglalagay mu dito?? haha m touched, you have no idea how happy i am just to have you, Oka, in my life. You’re like a brother to me. and i love you so much. kita kits sa Sabado! baka mag-painom aku, bahala na. text text na lang. hugs(^-^)

  2. ang galing ng bf (bestfriend) mo husay!! bakit hindi siya sumali sa PDA or PI?

    promote natin sa blag ko yung song ….feeling dami pumapasok sa blag ko e wahehehehehe!! pakisabi two thumbs up ako sa kanya 🙂

  3. @ bOgs: Masayang masaya ako at medyo malayo na rin ang nararating mo. Basta nandito lang ako para sa iyo, naks! hehehe Pasisikatin kita sa pamamagitan ng blog kong ito, hehehe

    @ melai: Shempre naman, asteeg yang best friend kong yan. Ikalat mo pa yang video nya ha, madami kaya bumibisita sa blog mo. Mas madami ata kesa dito sa blog ko, hehehe Basta salamat! 😀

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