Thousands of families in Cavite affected by typhoon Ondoy

It’s because of insufficient media coverage that most people think that those in Central Luzon and Metro Manila were the only ones who suffered the wrath of typhoon Ondoy. With a much higher population density, meaning more people are living in particular area compared to others, and with prominent middle to upper class, star-studded villages in the Metro Manila hit by the floods, the public’s attention would undoubtedly be focused on it.

Unfortunately, the generous public’s resources and donations are seemingly focused only on Metro Manila. Here in Cavite, little has been reported that almost 80,000 families in the coastal towns of Kawit, Noveleta, Bacoor, Ternate and Cavite City have also been devasted by typhoon Ondoy.

Tragically, if there’s a sea of relief goods flowing into the affected areas and evacuation centers in the nation’s capital, there’s a shortage and slow delivery of help to the devastated families and communities in the Cavite towns I’ve mentioned.

I’ve come to know of this because I’m among the core volunteers that run the relief operations of DLSU-D and according to our own field inspections and ocular visits, Cavite has also suffered as much as Metro Manila.

Like in the town of Bacoor, which is a low-lying, coastal municipality 16 km south of Manila, neck-high floods has left nearly 2,500 families devastated in just two of the 73 barangays that make up the municipality. What’s more troubling is that according to the affected residents themselves, the local government has been very slow to provide them with the relief they so badly needed.

In Noveleta, a coastal town 26 km away from Manila, almost 3,000 families were devastated by typhoon Ondoy both by flooding and storm surges that caused the sea to swallow up much of the existing beaches and take away not only their houses but also their fish pens and fishing boats living them with nothing to depend on for a living.

Damaged houses at Ternate, Cavite

It’s the same situation in Ternate were a barangay we’ve visited had lost all of their fish pens and entire houses when almost 500 meters of the coast was taken over by sea. We were told that there were more barangays that had taken a hit meaning more families were in need of help.

Sadly, we Lasallians from DLSUD could only do so much. We’ve been working very hard since last Monday and up to now, we’ve been able to provide relief goods to around 150 families in Dasmariñas. At present, we have almost 1,500 family packs on stock but after assessing the damages and families in need around Cavite, we’ve still got a long way to go.

That’s why we are still trying our best to reach out to the local community for donations, particularly for rice and canned goods because we have more than enough man power, student and faculty volunteers, to get the job done, but we need more resources to meet the demands of those devastated families in Cavite.

If you’d still like to help out, or know someone who would like to. Please get in touch with the Lasallian Community Development Office of De La Salle University – Dasmariñas through the following telephone numbers: (046) 416-4531 local 3068 (046) 416-4596 (direct line).

Donations of cash or in kind are very much welcome. We are prioritizing donations of rice & canned goods, food that they so urgently need. Of course, useful clothing and other basic commodities are also accepted. The families who will receive such help from you would be so grateful for your kind generosity.

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