Thoughts and suggestions for Globe Telecom

Satisfactory customer service. Working in the customer service industry for even less than a year is enough time to make you understand what customers of any business or service want: getting the most value for what you pay for, if not more.

So I’m taking this time to share some of my thoughts and suggestions to improve Globe Telecom’s services because I just received a text message saying that in the coming days, their Market Research folks will call me up to conduct a study or survey on how to do just that, improve their services.

I’ve been a customer of Globe Telecom for almost seven years now both as a land line, residential broadband, pre-paid and post-paid mobile user.

So I’ve seen how their services and customer support have changed over the years.

Some two years ago, their broadband service, well in our area, was terrible. I’ve had days of good connection and then weeks of either intermittent or absolutely no connection at all.

Failing to do follow up calls

Worse, their customer service was equally terrible. The thing that really pissed me off was they would always promise to call back to follow up or give an update on the status of their repair but THEY NEVER DID.

And I’m the person who would really give time to actually wait around for that call. So when it was my turn to do a follow up call, the representative that took my call always had an earful from me.

So that’s suggestion number one: Globe Telecom should actually do the things they promised their customers. Make a call when they said they would call back. Even if it’s just to say they need more time to work on my request. Leaving a customer in a limbo is a good way to get frustrated and dissatisfied customers.

Lack of consistency

Another complaint I have with Globe Telecom’s customer service is consistency, or their utter lack of it. On my first call they would tell one thing and swear by it but on the second call the next representative would tell a completely different thing. Making a customer look like a complete fool is another great way of getting dissatisfied customers.

Website in perpetual Beta

Next would be Globe Telecom’s website that seems to be in a perpetual beta stage. Don’t get me wrong, their website has improved a lot over the years, but still, a lot of the basic and essential information a customer needs are still missing or terribly hard to find. Like their ever-elusive Acceptable Use Policy. You’d see numerous links about it but clicking on it leads you to no where. This may be the day and age of dynamic websites but it refers to content, not the framework, features or design of the website.

Seemingly understaffed Business Centers

I now move on to their Business Centers where you get to talk with their representatives face to face. Most of the time, it’s a nightmare to visit because it’s full of other customers who usually wait for hours on end before they get serviced. Sure, Globe’s queue management system is something government offices should have, but that’s the only thing that differentiates the two!

They would have plenty of counters but actually only one or two would be manned. Worse, the representatives who man the counters move and do their work in a glacial pace. And it makes me suspect that they are doing a lot of non-work related stuff on their computer because they would spend a great deal of time on it in between serving customers. Another habit of theirs would be to take at least 10 to 15 minutes in between customers and they would just stand up and go somewhere else, talk to their fellow representatives completely oblivious to the mass of customers who have been waiting in queue for hours. And they were sitting on front of their counters for hours!

All these basically sums up everything I have to say about Globe’s customer services. I’m pretty sure you have plenty other things to share as well.

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