Things I do during a ‘blogout’

blogoutWhat do you do when you cannot blog? Not just because you’re suffering from another writer’s block, but because you cannot access your blog for some reason or the other. You have no connection, your connection’s too slow, you got so many things on your blog it crashes your browser, your bloghost is down for maintenance or worst, there is no electricity in your area.

All of this has happened to me before and frustrating it may seem, I’ve done things to make good use of my time or simply to get my mind a refreshing break. I suddenly remember that there’s more to life than blogging and bloghopping. 😉

Since I cannot blog, I do the following alternative activities and this is in no particular order;

I catch up in the current book I’m reading. I often surprsie my self when I realise that I’ve barely started reading the book I’ve assigned as my book-to-read for the month. “WTF?! Nasa chapter 2 pa lang pala ako?!” If I’m not in the mood to read books, I read the online newspapers, magazines or visit the forums I like. It is as good as bloghopping but without the blogs.

I do some maintenance on my computer like remove old software I’m not going to use or need in the next three months or so. I delete old files that are no longer needed, update all programs, not just the anti-spyware and anti-virus softwares, but everything that’s been reminding me to upgrade them ever since. Like Yahoo! Messenger, MSN messenger, Winamp, etc. I do backups of my data, run disk check and defrag my hardisk and lastly, pop-open the PC’s case and clean-up the insides.

clean upI clean up my room, thoroughly. Every nook and cranny I’ll get into. I really clear my entire room of my book shelves, drawers, my desk, everything, save for my bed `coz it’s just to bulky to move out of my room. This major clean-up would take probably half a day as I will have it cleaner than a hospital’s operating room. I even get excited sometimes because during this clean-up, I get to find the things I thought I’ve lost over the past month or so. Like my old books, CDs, toys, keys, coins and even old socks.

If my room doesn’t need cleaning I volunteer to clean up the entire house, but nothing major though. I sweep, dust, do some rearranging (to my mother’s direction of course), apply some floor wax, srcrub it after a while and I finish up by cleaning the bathroom last. Again, I get to find lost things and articles the rest of my family thought was lost forever. Old wallets, pictures, toys, coins, combs, hair pins & clips, I even found my sister’s ring underneath the old sofa which she thought she lost in the mall last month.

stewieIf there’s nothing to clean, I also volunteer to look after my youngest brother who’s six years old now. The little rascal is always off running around playing with the other kids. He loves to play so much he often skip meals just continue playing outside. Ang kulit-kulit talaga. At dahil dalawa ang puyod niya, medyo kakaiba rin mangatwiran at magtanong. Yung tipong makakalbo ka sa kakulitan niya. But it’s fun to spend some time with him. It makes us closer to each other, which I intend to happen because I’m fifteen years ahead of him and that’s quite a considerable gap. I have so many things in mind to teach to my youngest brother, like tutor him or something.

I actually plan on really teaching him about computers next year, just the basics though, no games at the moment. Ubuntu has some great educational programs that I think would do good for him, and since it is Ubuntu, he will be the first and only kid in the neighborhood who would know how to use not only Windows but also Ubuntu Linux. Lastly, when he gets a bit older, it’s going to be blogging for him. 😀

If there’s nothing to clean or my youngest brother doesn’t being watched over on, I spend a good deal of time watching TV or some movies. I could spend a good Php 100 on CD and DVD rentals in a day. It’s like going to the movies but I get to see 3 to 5 films all at the comfort of my room. I even invite over some highschool buddies of mine for a good movie marathon just like to golden days of our lives.

If my friends can’t come over, I come over to visit them instead. It’s the same routine, we get something to eat, rent some movies and just hang out until we remember we have to do something or get back to blogging. If we’re not in the mood for movies, we go out and play some network games just like highschool days. Counter-Strike? DOTA? Gunbound or Freestyle anyone? Ah yes…good times. Definitely good times.

There are times that I can’t be with my friends, so I go to the mall instead, check out the music stores for new albums then I visit the every bookstore in the mall. See what books are on offer and if I have the moolah to spare I’d pick one up for a purchase. Most of the time though, the guards and sales attendants have allowed some of us regular visitors to not just browse but turn their stores into public libraries. 😉

After music and book browsing, it’s food trip time! Yes, it will mystify you knowing that from my photos (if you’ve visited them via my about page) I’m very thin yet I love going on food trips. I often visit the French Baker for some goodies like muffins and rolls. My favorite is the blueberry muffins especially when it’s newly baked. Next I go grab some donuts, chips, and finally a slice of pizza.

At the end of all this, I go back to blogging once I my connection is back, my webhost has fixed the problem or I have recovered from writer’s block. Then it’s all blogging galore once more! Still, blogouts are great times to step away from the PC and do the things that are as good as blogging can be.

How about you? What do you do when there’s a blogout?

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4 Replies to “Things I do during a ‘blogout’”

  1. That seems like a fun and interesting life, Jhay!

    I mostly play badminton during blogout. I also catch up on some hard copy reading and spend time with family and friends.

  2. That's why I never get the whole 8 hours of sleep. Even if I'm not online and blogging, I still stay up late at night just to do any of those things I've mentioned, most of the time though it's watching movies or reading books.

    Still, I thank tai chi practice for the extra boost despite the lack of the recommended sleep. 😉

  3. Let your brother play! haha. I loved to play as a kid, then eventually I just grew out of it.

    Oh, and I need my sleep! lol. Nothing stops me from my ZZZZZ….

  4. That's some time well spent. Minsan din I get the urge to finally clean my room without anyone telling me, that is, pag wala akong gagawin. But mostly I just sleep because I need lots! This COCC training is killing me! Then after that, I read. About blogging, well, I have nothing to say about that. I'm not really a 'serious' blogger.

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