Theme reboot – More WP 2.7 features and a little bit of old school

It’s so obvious by now that this blog has just taken another theme re-boot. The previous one, Blue Grace was a great theme but it was already giving me the feeling that everything is over-crowded.

So in line with welcoming the new year, I’ve decided to clean things up and start fresh. From shades of blue on white, it’s now spades of black on white, but little accents of blue because it is my favorite color. The Igloo theme by BizzArtic became my choice because it had a nice layout, clear and crsip typography, and offered neat features that make use the new ones brought on by WordPress 2.7

If you’ve come here via the front page, you’d think that this is a premium theme. It is, but it’s a free and open-source one. It had the features I’ve come to love from the previous premium themes used before here on the Four-eyed Journal. Experience however, had taught me to use only the features that I really use hence no featured videos on the sidebar are present and gone-still are the 125×125 square ads.

New blogging styles for 2009

The only main functionality that I’ve stuck with is the displaying of a featured post. There are two reasons for this choice; one – I plan on doing juicy posts once a week or two. It will be tutorials on getting things done via the internet or some cool free software, research-based, by research I mean extensively researched posts about technology, health, the internet and even politics, and posts that deserve a little more attention.

Second is that it allows me to be a little more personal about my regular posts, meaning starting January 2009, this blog will become my psuedo-personal blog on tech, the web, health and life (read as: politics, my advocacies, adventures and digs into history). This is the product of much soul-searching, self-awareness/assessment and revisiting my post Archives this past few days. (The wonders of having so much time for reflection and rest as afforded by long holidays are so rewarding.)

Clean, lean but meaningful

Glancing at the sidebar, a lot of the clutter has been removed. Only the juicy and relevant parts or contents of this blog have been retained. The stuff that are more useful to you my readers than to my self. Plus, the good ol’ blogroll is back. The final piece to be implemented is a lifestream aka aggregation of my Twits, Plurks, bookmarks, and other content I create on the web.

The most visible feature and the one that you my readers would enjoy most would be the built-in support of this theme for the threaded/nested comments that is a new native feature of WordPress 2.7! Awesome is it not?

Another minor clean up would be the tweaked related posts after each article. It’s much more organized and meaningful thanks to the WordPress Related Posts plugin by Denis. It gives bloggers complete control on how to present more related content for readers.

There are still some minor tweaks I’m currently planning but for now, this is how this blog will look and behave like. With this, I’ve also decided to keep this theme for the most of 2009 and focus on giving more quality content and spending more time bloghopping.

I hope most of you will enjoy the theme re-boot, give me a shout-out for any bugs that you spot, and cheers to the coming new year!

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    1. Thank you for the theme. I emailed you about a support query, just a small dilemma I've having with the theme.

      Still, I'm looking forward to the newest version. 😀

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