The Web’s funiest search queries part 2

Welcome to the second installment of the web’s funniest or weirdest search queries. The first one was quite a hit and hopefully this one would be too.

This list is quite short compared to the first one, but it’s potency for weirdness or humor has not waned a bit. Prepare yourselves for the following search queries you’d never forget this weekend.

“baby turtle escaped in my house where to look” shared by aizatto

You should probably call the police or CSI.

“does the queen fart?” shared by KenYN

I’m sure of it. And every time the queen does fart her loyal subjects bow down not just in nausea but also to worship and to have a whiff of the royal flatulence. Then again she may have probably not heard of the saying about the reverse of farting, burping. It goes; “Better out the front door than out the back.”

“how to bribe your flight attendant” shared by upgradetravel

In the event of an emergency, bribes will be accepted in cash only.

“old lady in a bikini” shared by fenicle

OMFG!!11 Do you really want to see one? I’m the someone from the Man-blog has seen one.

“firefox naughty addon” shared by Albright

Ooh..this would be a must-have plugin. Maybe this would be the key that will ultimately make Firefox the number one browser on the planet. I think the a good name for this addon would be “Firefux” (Sorry, I really had to clean up the spelling for the younger readers.)

4 Replies to “The Web’s funiest search queries part 2”

  1. I'm pretty sure the Queen does fart as does every human on the planet..

    Even if you have to ask though, what could you possibly gain, in knowing, or finding out the answer. Unless the person searched for the answer so they could get to sleep that night.

  2. Hah! I love Still Standing. I guess some things are better off searched in the Web than by other means, but I am particularly amazed about the dependency the first example has on search engines. 😛

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