The truth can no longer wait for a Truth Commission

When the Supreme Court struck down the EO No 1 which created the Truth Commission of 2010 as unconstitutional, it wasn’t hard to imagine incumbent and former officials under the the Arroyo administration and its loyal allies to have had a moment of jubilation.

So then it was thought that the chances of making them account for their corrupt ways and acts would take a lot longer until P-Noy and his lawyers get their acts together and create a Truth Commission that will stand on solid legal foundations.

However, in the absence of P-Noy’s Truth Commission, we would just have to do with the next best thing: brave individuals coming out to share their knowledge of the truth.

Prime examples we have today are retired AFP budget officer George Rabusa and former government auditor Heidi Mendoza who revelations have shook the public with their exposes on the corrupt and rotten ways inside the Armed Forces of the Philippines.

In particular, it has revealed the corrupt practices and traditions in the military top brass – former chiefs of staff that served during Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo’s term as President.

Then again, having GMA as their Commander-in-Chief it’s no longer surprising that such corruption is existing in the military.

It is no longer a mystery why Sen Antonio Trillanes, IV led the 2003 Oakwood Mutiny and instigated the standoff at the Peninsula Manila hotel in 2007 – the Arroyo administration was corrupt and so is the military.

The process today maybe clumsy and interrupted by distractions from members of the House justice committee going about the hearings driven by their own agenda as spelled out by today’s Inquirer Editorial.

But it still serves one of our greatest public desires, that those who use their government position to enrich themselves be put in their proper places, in jail. Well that’s what the public expects at the end of these investigations, hearings and trials.

And that is the task of P-Noy now, make sure that government resources are deployed to meet this goal, otherwise, everything would be nothing but a charade to make someone else look good in the coming elections.

He may have fumbled in delivering a Truth Commission as he promised during the campaign, but he cannot fail in his solemn duty of executing the laws and doing justice to every man.

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